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Ivf or ICSI?


Hi lovely ladies,

We had unsuccessful IVF last year and we are going to pay for next one in June. I just wanted to see if any of you have an opinion about ICSI? Is it more successful? One of my friends had unsuccessful ivf 4 times and went for ICSI and gor pregnant. Year after she did ICSI again and got pregnant again so she definitely recommended that over normal IVF.

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I would say your more guaranteed to get fertilised eggs with it. I got 22 eggs and they recommended half icsi half ivf. 9/11 fertilised out of icsi and only 1/11 fertilised with ivf so that’s why I’d choose it xx

Great! That's a massive difference! Thank you for your answer xxx



We were recommended IVF as we have unexplained infertility and out of our 14 eggs collected, only 1 fertilised. Unfortunately it was a BFN.

We tried ICSI on our second round and out of 21 eggs, 4 reached blastocyst and were of good quality. We got our first BFP with fresh transfer but at my 7 week scan they couldn’t find the baby. It was then discovered in my right Fallopian tube which I had to have removed as the tube ruptured.

I would recommend you try ICSI.

Unfortunately, I am still waiting to become a mum. We have 2 frozen blastocysts left from our ICSI round. Good luck to you xxxxx

Pauleenka86 in reply to Hidden

Hi lovely, thank you for your message. I'm so sorry to hear that... ❤

And at the same time very happy for you that you still have 2 blastocysts frozen !

I will keep my fingers crossed for you 🤞 was ICSI much more expensive? Xx

Hidden in reply to Pauleenka86

Aww thank you 😘 our last FET was a BFN so I’m really hopeful with the two we have left.

Yes, it was more expensive. I can’t remember the exact amount (my husband would know) but it was quite a bit of an add on. I’m quite lucky that my husband deals with financial side of it. Different clinics may offer different packages xxxxx

Pauleenka86 in reply to Hidden

Thank you lovely and dont give up ❤ xxx

Hello, I got 8 eggs and was offered half ICSI and IVF as it was our first cycle. My eggs actually done better IVF all 4 fertilised and only 2 ICSI. 2 IVF made it to 5day blasts and 1 ICSI made it to 5 day blast and they actually used the ICSI blastocyst and last week I got BFP. Good luck xxx

Pauleenka86 in reply to Jen_jen

Hi.Thats a great news!!! You must be over the moon!😍 well done!

Thank you hun. I will need to try ICSI as all answers are very positive about this process. Xx

Jen_jen in reply to Pauleenka86

Definitely worth a try. Everything is crossed 🤞🏼 for you 🙏 xx

I had icsi due to low sperm numbers on the day. Was told it helps increase fertilisation numbers (6/8 eggs successfully fertilised). 3 went on to blastocyst stage. I’m now 11 weeks pregnant. I don’t know if ivf is better or not as I haven’t experienced it, but I have read that implantation rates tend to be higher with icsi. Good luck to you. X

That's amazing news. Congratulations!!! ❤❤❤❤

Hello! We had ICSI due to low egg reserve and low sperm morphology so didn’t really get a choice between the 2. I had 12 eggs collected, 11 mature enough to be fertilised, 7 made to day 1 and then 4 made it to blastocyst stage. I had one transferred on day 5 and I’m nearly 6 weeks pregnant. Good luck on your journey xxx

Pauleenka86 in reply to Minnie92

Congratulations!! Definitely will do ICSI ❤❤

kitscat in reply to Minnie92

Hi Minnie. You say you have low egg reserve? What is your AMH? I’ve just had a failed ICSI cycle-my first. I have one IVF frozen embryo. I’m looking for some hope!

Minnie92 in reply to kitscat

Hi sorry to hear about your failed cycle. I can’t remember the exact number but I remember him saying it was low enough to be a concern. Sorry that’s not much help it was such a long time ago! X


ICSI worked for us on our first round and we're lucky enough to have 3 frozen for if we decide to have a second baby.

I would 100% go for ICSI.

Best if luck with your journey xx

Pauleenka86 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for you answer and congratulations to you my love 😘😘

ICSI worked for us. We had a failed first fresh round with ICSI but two successful frozen cycles followed resulting in two miracle boys, aged 3 and 12 days old. No more in the freezer now but we are complete! xx

Pauleenka86 in reply to Devj

Aww wow well done to you 😘 thank you for you answer xxx

Some clinics only seem to do ICSI if there is a sperm problem. However a lot of the clinics abroad that I looked into seem to use ICSI as a matter of course. I would personally opt for it to take any uncertainty of the sperms getting to the eggs.....no guarantees for fertilisation nor pregnancy (Ive had 4 failed transfers and 1 BFP which we lost at 6 wks) but at least it gives the best start. Good luck with your decision.xx

Thank you lovely. Sending baby dust to you xxx

We were given the option of half and half with 14 eggs, 7/7 icsi fertilised and 6/7 ivf fertilised, ended in 13 blasts. Had a 5aa transferred a week ago today and 12 in the freezer. It actually ended up being an ivf blast transferred but all icsi and ivf blasts were top grade so think we've just been incredibly lucky!

Loads of good luck whatever path you choose ❤ sending loads of baby dust your way xx

Pauleenka86 in reply to Pixie88

That's incredible results. Well done! Keeping my fingers crossed for you to get BFP 😘😘😘

Pixie88 in reply to Pauleenka86

Thanks lovely ❤ been a wreck today with cramps and feeling really unsure! Test day Thursday 🤞

Pauleenka86 in reply to Pixie88

I will keep everything crossed for you xxxx

We had 2 IVF cycles and 1 ICSI.

1st IVF cycle: 11 eggs, only 4 fertilised normally, we transferred 2 blastos (1 good, 1 bad), BFN, nothing to freeze

2nd IVF cycle: only 5 eggs collected (they didn't manage to reach one of my ovaries), 1 fertilised, it was a BFP but the little one was in my right tube, and had to be removed :'(

3rd ICSI cycle: 8 eggs, 7 fertilised, 2 transferred fresh on day 2, BFN. One blasto frozen, and transferred in November: BFP, and I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant <3

I think that, if the fertilisation rate is low during the first cycle, ICSI is the way to go next. Good luck with your journey!

Congratulations ❤❤ and thank you for your message xxx

I would say if you’ve already had a BFN then ICSI would definitely be something to consider. I was terrified the whole way through IVF treatment as only had 6 eggs collected. They were originally considering ICSI as my husbands sperm morphology hasn’t been great but they said his sample was much better and they would do IVF instead.

4 fertilised and 3 made it to 5 days. The one they transferred is now my 10 month old so we were incredibly lucky.

Good luck whatever you decide. :) x

Aww bless 😘 thank you so much xx

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