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After some advice Midwife or Obstetrian??

Hello lovely ladies would really like any adive anyone has to give. Not sure how maternity care works we you all are but we have the choices of either midwife or obstetrician.

We are 11 weeks with ivf baby on board and I'm 42 second baby first son is now 24. Emergency c-section due to narrow pelvis as son was 9lb. Can't decided whether we should go with midwife care which is all funded or pay private for obstetrician. Any one have any advice or experinences they would like to share ??

Thank you :)

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The care you receive on the NHS will be shared care , so you will see your midwife initially who will refer you to see a consultant in the hospital, so throughout your pregnancy you will be seen by your midwife and the Drs in hospital, you will have also have extra scans due to being an ivf pregnancy, and an appointment to discuss mode of delivery as you are previous section. I am a NHS midwife, so would recommend NHS care of course 😊 But it's up to you, I really don't think you would receive different/better care by paying for it xxx


Thank you for your reply. I'm in New Zealand I think you need to choose either midwife or obstetrician

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Hi nbigland. A colleague of mine is a midwife in New Zealand, and the care you get will be just fine. If there are any causes for concern you will be transferred over to an obstetrician. In view of your narrow pelvis, you will probably be transferred further into your pregnancy anyway. Good luck with it all. Diane


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