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day 3 stims - not great blood test results

hospital have just called to say i must increase menopur from 225 to 300 tonight & stop bueserlin straight away.

my estrogen is low - 125 when they would expect it to be over 300 by now.

was already having a bad day & this has really thrown me. am feeling super stressed, and just about over the whole thing.

any advice gratefully received 🙏🏻

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Hey stim buddy

Stay strong, stay focused, still a way to go things can change on a daily basis I'm sure, keep ur eye on the end result, try stay positive hunni!

Sending u love luck and hugs noodles

💗🍀 xx


ahhhh thanks my lovely - how are you getting on? hope your ovaries are behaving themselves!

it's such a head**** this whole malarkey - i know it's all only temporary but some days are such an effort to get through.

✨sending positive vibes your way ✨


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Not too bad Hun, feeling sleepy a lot but not too bad!

Due to go hospital for my 1st scan Monday so will keep u updated!

Totally agree it really messes with the mind doesn't it!! But like u say some days are better than others!!

Thanks my lovely, positivity for us both ✨✨🌟🌟🍀🍀💗💗



hopefully monday's scan goes well diamonddream.

take it nice & easy over the weekend - stay warm & cosy 😘

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Hi. I was on a 225 dose of menopur for the first 7 days and I didn't respond at all. They then increased my dose to 450. I only started getting improvements in my scans in the last few days. I know how frustrating and upsetting it can be, but sometimes things just need a bit more of a kickstart. Hope you see an improvement soon x


thanks for your reply stephkp - i had a word with myself, and i know i shouldn't be so negative after just a few days, i'm grateful they've upped the dosage.

what stage are you at now? i hope you are progressing well.

thank you for sending kind words & sharing your experience.



Hi noodles, it sounds like you've had a bad day 😢 Try not to worry too much at this stage, it could be all change again soon. Have faith in your lovely nurses and try the best you can to relax. Sending love to you 💗💙 x x x


thanks mommabear - just gonna put it down to a bad day - tomorrow's a new one, and it's friday!

how are you getting along? hope you're progressing nicely.

thanks for your words of support - much appreciated 🤗🤗🤗


We are progressing much better since we had the dosage doubled thanks and hopefully having collection very soon.

It's hard to not be negative sometimes, especially when things aren't going as you hoped they would. You just have to try to focus on the positives, even if they are small. We have had a lot of setbacks so I know thats easier said than done.

Keeping my fingers crossed for better results for you xx


glad to hear you're doing well steph, and you're right to celebrate the small wins, it all adds up!

good luck for your egg collection - it must be soon?

thanks for positive vibes 🔮


Early next week I hope. I have another scan tomorrow so we should find out then. Have they given you any idea as to the timeline for your treatment? Xx


hope your scan goes well today steph - keep us posted :-)

i am on daily blood tests & first scan is tomorrow. egg collection was initially around 13 feb, but will probably be a week later now.

hope you have a restful weekend x


Follicles are progressing nicely and collection is booked for Monday. The nurse is concerned I may have a polyp so it's possible that the transfer may get delayed until they have looked into that.

It may take a little longer to get to collection for you but it will give everything longer to mature. Mine was pushed by a week and whilst frustrating to begin with it's worked out in the end.

Hope your scan goes ok xx


It does sound like they've explained well to you, but, make sure you always ask lots of questions about any changes to ensure you fully understand. I didn't ask enough and then had some unexpected shocks at the end... wish I had asked more.


thanks lizzie - what do you think i should be asking?


I didn't ask enough about why they decided to go for egg collection earlier than scheduled, later on it came out that my follicles weren't doing as expected. If I'd known that, I might have been less shocked when I found out that they got a really meagre number of eggs. So, I guess I'm saying, don't be like me and just accept what they say, next time I'm going to be asking "why?" And "what are the possible consequences?" About everything! Because you don't want to find out things aren't great when you're just coming round from egg collection. I guess I'm just saying question everything so you know why they are changing meds etc. maybe you already do this, I just know I didn't do it enough. Hope that makes sense.


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