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my name is fay, ive been TTC for over a year now, had most of the tests from the doctors and turns out my SO is the problem, very low count and the doctor has suggested IVF if his count doesn't increase,

has anyone else been suggested IVF and the male been the problem what did it in tale? any help and advice would be appreciated

thank you xx

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  • hiya Fayzee94 , my DH has low sperm count we chose to take the IVF/ICSI route he was taking the Wellman vitamin tablets and luckly enough by the time it came to producing his sample the doctor said his count had increased. they are huge tablets but there worth a try i am also taking the pregnacare conception. xxx

  • hiya that's good news!

    my partner has just started taking those as we only found this all out last Tuesday! so hes been on them for a week and has another test to do on the 3rd march so hoping it increases! thanks for commenting:)xx

  • no problem i wish you the best of luck xxx

  • Hi Fay. Not the best news to hear, but at least you now have a diagnosis and perhaps with the vitamin tablets you may be able to have IVF and not have to go for ICSI. I have lots of successful ladies who have been through such treatments, so fingers crossed that you join the list. Good luck with the semen analysis results in March. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you so much Diane xxxx

  • We are in the same situation hun, hubby was diagnosed with low sperm cout ... so they refer us for ivf. We just waiting for our first appointment. Good luck to you xx

  • Thank you good luck to you also! Are you from the uk if so where abouts? I'm from Essex. I assume you will get funded for yours also? Xxx

  • I am in Exeter...i am nhs funded too....xx

  • My husband although it seemed had normal swimmers when they did the prep for ivf they found out he had low numbers. I think this really upset him. But now we just have to go ahead with icsi x

  • Oh no! My doctors gave my partner the wrong results! Told him he was fine then when we had the referal they was like no it's really bad lol he was devastated xx

  • Oh no. That's awful. The ivf clinic said they do the preparation step for ivf and then count rather than just count the whole sample which is what the test from the Dr surgery did.

    Mind you they also said the amh tests results vary depending on who tests them. I got 7 from the London one and 8.88 3 months later from Glasgow. All very odd x

  • Hi Fay

    We are going through ICSI for DH low motility. He has been taking Proxeed and Wellman vitamins to try and help.

    It's really hard on the guys as they feel responsible, but just good to make it a journey together.

    Hope the IVF goes well for you 🀞🏼 Xx

  • Hi, I'm currently waiting to start a long protocol for ICSI as my OH has low numbers & motility. We did manage to improve his results a little by cutting out caffeine, exercising more and taking Wellman vitamins but not enough for IVF to be an option.

    He has felt incredibly guilty but I keep reminding him that he hasn't done it on purpose, our love is strong and we'll work through it together day by day.

    Good luck on your journey xx

  • thank you all for you comments, very helpful good luck to you all xxxx

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