Tested a day early - BFN - I'm an idiot!

I've just been really stupid & tested in the middle of the day, a day early with a cheap Amazon test strip. I wasn't planning to, I just suddenly found it in amongst a load of toiletries and suddenly became like a woman possessed & had to test!

Whilst I know that it's a day early, and I didn't use the first wee of the day (more like the fourth) , I'm still really disappointed. I feel that I will probably have the same result in the morning when I am due to test.

I haven't bled at all for the whole time (I'm currently 12dp 5dt) and have been having lots of on and off cramping so thought I might be in with a good chance.

Waaaahhh!! :( :( :( Feel crap now.

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  • Big hugs hopefully it's different tomorrow xx good luck

  • Thank you xx I'm a bit annoyed with myself for testing early but in a way it's good to get my head around things a day ahead xx

  • Hi Hun sorry to hear it was a negative don't feel bad for testing early it's only normal to want to know. 😒 Really hope that tomorrow it is a positive good luck πŸ€πŸ™πŸ’—

  • Ah thank you Jess yes that's true, it's only normal to want to know. Wishing you luck on your journey xx

  • Don't feel bad, I tested 12 days post egg collection and got a BFN. Had a blood test 14 days post and got a BFP! The test you did may not be sensitive enough to pick up the pregnancy hormone in you at this early stage. Don't give up, there is a reason why they make you wait, one day can give you a completely different result.

    Fingers crossed for you and let us know how you get on x

  • Ah I hope I have the same outcome as you did 😊 I'm not booked in for bloods at all, just the HPT that the clinic gave me, they just go by that. You must have been over the moon when your bloods came back! Congratulations! Will keep you posted and thank you for replying xx

  • Awww hun I've heard so many stories on here that girls have tested early got a bfn but the next day or two when they go in get bloods they get a bfp I really so wish u all the luck and pray u get amazing news tomorrow hun xxxxx

  • Ah thanks Lynsey, ooh I hope that happens to me! In a way doing it today was silly really & has upset me, but I'm now pretty sure it will be BFN tomoz so it's given me a bit of a head start on getting my head round it. We have one more NHS go left luckily so all is not lost. Wishing you lots of love and luck on your journey xx

  • Thats the reason my partner never let me test Coz he said I get my self in such a state that if it was wrong and I really was then the stress could have harmed any chance of its surviving but I didn't test and I got a bfn on thur but u really just need to try and relax ino so much easier said than done go in with an open mind and pray that it works I am praying for u that u get ur little miracle hun and ur not silly at all the wait mite only be 2 weeks or sometimes less but it feels like forever and if it wasn't for my partner I would have done the same thanks hun same to u will be hoping see a bfp tomorrow xxxxx

  • We've all been there! Hopefull AF won't show but if it does, onwards and upwards - new cycle, new chance. Xx

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