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my update

Hi, as I wrote we had to be in Kiev on Monday.

We came there at 8 am at Borispol. Truly to say, i was a bit disappointed with the condition and service there but that's not a main issue. I was so excited and didn't see any small problems there. The driver met us and drove to the hotel where we had a little rest. I even couldn't relax because all my thoughts were about clinic and our future conversation with the doctor.

So, after a while we came to clinic. At a glance, we saw a small clinic with a great amount of people. I had frayed nerves because we were lost a bit. But to my surprise, our manager found us quickly and we went inside. Plastic doors with the bell, boot covers, downstairs and we were sitting in the room with huge table and beautiful wooded chairs. Our manager told us about all possible contracts and we took a time to think about. We didn't choose appropriate options for us yesterday so Nastia (our manager) told us take the contracts and read at home. I think that was the best decision for us.

We came back to hotel with an ocean of emotions.

So today we are going to visit this clinic again. First of all, we already had a night of thoughts. And decided to choose the pack with the middle prices. Hope it will work with us.

Sorry, I'm in the car right now, so I need to continue my post.

I'll write here after the meeting

Thank you for reading


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