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2nd round and I'm over the starter line!


After an agonising month wait, I'm just starting my next round of treatment. I guess there is a little hope when you go through it another time, at least I know what to expect.

I'm having acupuncture, cut out caffeine and alcohol, started to walk for 20 minutes every day, I don't think there is anything else I can try.

I was fine after the insemination last time, I thought the fact that as it was a donor, it might bother me (well of course I would of preferred to of met someone special and had a child that way) and hopefully one day I will and someone who treats me well, it might just have to wait till after (hopefully) I have a baby and then there isn't the pressure with wanting one in a rush due to my age!

It all feels very surreal though, I feel I'm living in a bubble!! x

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Best of luck to you xx 🍀

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Thank you! And to you! x

That's excellent news, Distinction. I went to the clinic, too today. Began my injections tonight. I am quite nonchalant at the moment... and, yes, it is like being in a bubble, isn't it? Or a parallel universe or something. I've bought decaffeinated tea bags, but they're not the same... :( So, I'm focusing now on a hearty diet for the time being. Just doing that is keeping me focused. I had a little walk around Cardiff in the wind today... I've been told that cold feet is not good for the ovaries. So, it's big socks for me tomorrow, and any other quirky nonsense I can get my hands on. I think I will just rest and stay calm until the egg collection. Look after yourself, you are important.

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Thank you - I've also started on my injections as well but this time round, I'm feeling a bit poorly with a headache and I'm trying to write my assignment which needs to be in for Thursday.

I don't mind decaff tea bags and coffee!

I suffer from being cold quite a lot :o(.

Let me know how you get on x

Best of luck distinction72, keeping everything crossed for you! I'm thinking of trying acupuncture, how was it? X

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I've heard quite good things about acupuncture, the nurses at the hospital say that a lot of ladies have it. It's meant to be relaxing but I don't find it so, not when she is putting needles in my feet! I don't really feel any different at all from having it but I tell myself it is good for me!

Let me know how you get on x

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Thank you, I think I will try it, anything for the cause! Hope your treatment is going well x

Good luck. Fingers crossed for this time round xx

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Thanks Jo - hope all is good with you.

I'm trying what I can for it to work this time! x

Good luck, other things to try rasberry leaf tea pre ovulation, and brazil nuts 5 a day after implantation. lx

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I've not heard about those but anything is worth a go! Not sure I would like the tea!

Thank you x

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I mentioned to my acupuncturist about the raspberry leaf tea and she said, no don't have it as it is for women who are about to go into labour! x

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That is one of it's qualities, that is why you should never drink it after ovulation.

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