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So as some of u may know we have one little frostie in Greece which is a miracle as they only collected 1 egg from me. The intention was to put back 2 but last month I only had 2 follicles on day 3 so we delayed. Had my day 3 scan yesterday and had 4 follies so still not great but they have started me on meds, another scan tuesday, possibly flying out end of week. We have decided that whatever the outcome with these follicles, we are going ahead with transfer, even if its just with 1. I turned 45 this month and its been 3 years since my miscarriage with no joy and life in limbo so we just need to see an end in sight. Hopefully it is the happy end we want and I wish this happy ending for all of you gals to xxx

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  • I've got everything crossed for you hun xx

  • Good luck, will have everything crossed for you xxx

  • 4 follicles is still pretty good! Fingers crossed that they keep growing & your scan goes well on Tuesday! Sending you lots of luck!!xx

  • Good luck to you - I will be thinking about you.

    Since meeting someone new, I'm wondering whether it's going to work for me naturally, I need to give it a bit of a chance, however, time is ticking so wondering whether it's going to be a happy ending for me/us too.

    Let me know how you get on and stay in touch xx

  • Good luck really hope this is your time. Xx

  • Good luck 72cloud9 x

  • Fingers crossed.. Lots of love xxx

  • Best of luck . I hope and pray it all works out.. big hugs xxx

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