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Right.. here we go again


So not the best nights sleep and awoken to mixed feelings. We go for our prostap injection at 7. 45 this morning. Perhaps it's the mega early start and thought of prostap before breakfast that is making my stomach turn!!! I feel more relaxed this time but still nervous as this is our 2nd but last nhs attempt. I am sooooo hoping for our bfp and after a difficult week with new pregnancies and some shock ones announced by friends I so want this time to be our time. I look ahead at the enormity of this process and what we are about to go through again and I feel exhausted. This time though my amh has improved in fact doubled, I feel more relaxed and am taking time off work and have made lots of positive plans for things to do while I am off.. all good indications I hope for a successful cycle. Wishing everyone good luck going through cycles together and fingers and toes crossed for us all and that a wave of bfp posts appear in a month or so xxxxx

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Morning Vic77,

Hoping that all goes well this morning and sending you lots of positive vibes. 😘

vic77 in reply to Brenbert

Thanks so much.. very positive appointment and reminded that prostap makes me moody so for next two weeks I can be as moody as I like and get away with it.. also had lost weight so a win win xx

Good luck to you Vic77 - I really hope all goes well and you get a positive outcome. I'm glad you are more relaxed and I think that sounds a great idea to take time off work. Hopefully that will help you to relax more.

Hope the injection went ok and do let us know how you get on xx

vic77 in reply to City74

Injection done now and crisps and dip and dvds and sofa all waiting on me after work😊😊😊xx

Good luck to you lovely, I really hope this is your time!! Positive vibes coming your way, stay nice and relaxed and look after yourself xxx

vic77 in reply to emma-jane-30

Thanks so much xxx


Hi vic77. Well I hope that the Prostap injection wasn't too much of a nightmare! I must say, you seem to have got your head around this cycle, as you are more relaxed and taking time off work etc. It's never easy when you keep getting success stories thrown at you from every which way, but we can't do anything about that, maybe be careful who you spend time with just for now. However, you're now on your way, so wishing you HUGE luck! Thinking of you. Diane

vic77 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks so so much for your words of support your advice and support has been fab.. I hope you know how much we are all so grateful you are on here for us.. sending you a virtual hug xxxxx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to vic77


Hope everything went ok Vic, look after yourself x x x

Thanks MommaBear16 .home now on sofa with crisps and my dog😀😀😀how you getting on ? Xxxx

Wishing you lots of luck vic for this cycle really hoping this is your time. Great that your amh has doubled that's actually amazing! ! Sorry to hear about your friends its always hard to take and then you feel guilty that you're nor happy for them!!xx

Thanks so much katya38 ..I hope you are well and the adoption process is going well. To be honest I am kind of over the whole amh thing..was so worried last time at 4.6 for it to now mysteriously more than double. I asked the nurse today about it and she said your amh can't go up...she reckons different clinics measure it differently so makes me even less convinced of this as a sole measure of your fertility..she also said given they got 6 eggs that suggests the original lower amount of 4.6 is more accurate so who knows..will be interesting if we get to collection stage how many eggs we get this time!!! Xx

katya38 in reply to vic77

That's true. Let us know how you get on. ☺ am just waiting for the training date to come in so we can start the prep groups xx

Just wanted to wish you lots of luck for your cycle!! It's such an exhausting time emotionally & physically, so totally get why you're tired at the beginning! It's great that you have some nice plans for your time off, make the most of it! Keep us posted & all the best! Sending you positive vibes & luck!xx

vic77 in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks so much Cinderella5 ..getting the box sets all prepped 😉 hope you are well and your wait is not much longer xx

Cinderella5 in reply to vic77

Oh yes I love a good box set!! I've still a while to wait so enjoying not jabbing myself every two minutes with drugs!!😂xx

Hey Hun good luck hope it went ok xxx

vic77 in reply to allieb21

All good thanks allieb21 i feel very positive and glad the nurse reminded me I am going to likely be moody for the next two weeks so looking forward to getting away with my huffiness 😜hope you are well xxxxx

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