Any one had extra medication on an ivf cycle and queried the costs?

I had my third cycle in October and returned some unused menopur in December (was still well in date). I have asked for the invoice for the extra medication to be revised ( invoice was £740 which I thought was excessive).

I have been advised by the clinic that they can't accept the menopur back as it's been returned too late and they shouldn't accept it back after the cycle anyhow.

A while back I had a look online and to purchase menopur online is something like £10 per 10 vials, the Nhs charge like £100 maybe more. I am extremely angry that they put this mark-up on vulnerable people and also that they won't accept back unused medication. It would be no use to me but they can make use of it!

Really angers me! Why are they giving people too much medication and then refusing to have it back?

Anyone else experienced this?

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  • It's really expensive isn't it, I've been told because I need the highest dose of merional I could be paying up to £2000. Crazy how much they are charging xx

  • I know!! Annoys me how much they put on, plus they won't accept it back? Think that's wrong that you have to pay for meds that are unused!xx

  • I'm surprised you found menopur as cheap as that online as I got it through asda for 1 cycle which was meant to be at cost price for private prescription. I can't remember what i paid for just the menopur but my drugs add up to £1500-2000 per cycle so think it must have been similar range to what you were charged. It does seem wrong they gave you so much extra, but know they can't take any medications to reuse as they can't risk it being tampered with - it's the same for all medications dispensed. You could try making a complaint that they over prescribed to see if that could your money back? Xx

  • I haven't reached ivf yet only iui but I am really shocked to read these posts! Are these med costs true even though you are on an NHS funded cycle? Does everyone's add up to over 1000 pounds?x

  • It all depends on what dose the consultant puts you on (think this depends on certain factors). You are only entitled up to a certain amount of medication, anything over is payable. The last couple of cycles were a few hundred from what I can remember, but was surprised my last cycle came in at £740, I was expecting at least a couple hundred pounds less than that. They do inform you eaten you are likely to go over and which will be chargeable but I think you should be given the option to purchase from Nhs or source yourself with a prescription. Xx

  • Thanks for replying, I really didn't think it would be that much, I was expecting a couple of hundred max! I best get saving just in case :( x

  • I know....u may be lucky and come under the nhs dose, u just don't know??? We had some savings luckily which are now non-existent if we have to pay the full amount of our latest bill!xx

  • I think each time we ordered our meds we paid over 400 pound a time. It's disgusting how they put a price on your future :(

  • That is crazy money 😟x

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