Hopefully 3rd time lucky

Hey lovely ladies had the hospital this morning and got my transfer date a week tomorrow really am praying it's 3rd time lucky trying to try and think positive but just can't this time it's so draining I can't stop thinking if it doesn't work again πŸ˜” dreading the two week wait it drags in anyways just thought I would share my news and ask for some prays ☺ xxxxx

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  • πŸ™ good luck babe x

    The tww is nothing compared to the wait that comes after bfp until your scan date! Trust me x

  • Thank you so much samrakkar ohhh guessing ur pregnant massive congratulations are you still waiting? See when u do get a bfp when do u get ur 1st scan xxxx

  • My otd was 23rd but I'd been testing and getting positives from day 6 naughty I know! Was convinced it hadn't worked as 0 symptoms. It's taken me 15 years of trying to get this far. Had some bloods done today which showed high healthy levels so fingers crossed all goes ok. I'm 5 weeks now and my firs scan is on 12th! The countdown is horrible! Grr

    Good luck babes I'm sure you will be just fine x

  • Oh God such a long time hun so happy for u ☺ see i always thought was b4 then with ivf awww thank you so much samrakkar xxxx

  • Good luck Hun!

    Sending lots of prayer and baby dust!!πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€πŸ‘Ά xx

  • Thank you ladyboss397 that means alot xxxxxx

  • Is it a frozen or fresh transfer your having lynsey86? I'm having my egg collection op on Friday so I expect my transfer (3 day) will be on Mon (if all goes to plan) so we'll both be on our 2ww at the same time. We have to try & be strong & stay hopeful (we're made of strong stuff us ivf girls). One day at a time eh πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ x x

  • A thaw cycle so frozen hun aww noodles_ that's great news really hope everything goes to plan is this ur 1st egg collection hun ohhh so we will pray it works for us both ☺ yip think we need to be or wouldn't be able to handle any of this yip that's all we can do eh one day at a time xxxxx

  • This is my 2nd cycle so I know what to expect this time round (not sure if that's a good thing lol). I'm hoping it'll be 3rd time lucky for me too (got BFN with my previous fresh & frozen transfers so keeping everything crossed for us both) πŸ’œ x x

  • Aww 3rd time for us both this Is our time noodles_ big hugs hun β™₯ xxxxx

  • Here's hoping... Sending lots of hugs & positive thoughts your way 😚 x x

  • Fingers crossed for you x

  • Fingers crossed for u Hun πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒDon't stress Hun think only positive ....I cannot wait to hear good news πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ xxxπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ™πŸ™

  • Hopefully I will be writing to u olivia1980xxx β™₯

  • Fingers crossed for you, I've started meds for our 3rd cycle were doing frozen.. Lot of 3rd timers going around good luck for us all xxx

  • Aww my fingers are crossed for you rainbowbreeze80 yip Ive spoke to a few girls going through there 3rd baby dust too all xxxxx

  • Good luck x

  • I know it's so hard, keeping everything crossed for you guys xx

  • Some journey we all have to go through bunty83 but it will all be worth it when get to hold our miracles babies hope all is well with u hun☺ xxxxxx

  • You will make an amazing mum, I wish you all the luck in the world xx

  • Awww that's so sweet to say bunty83 I would love them so much xxxxx

  • Hi! I can empathize with you am having my 3rd transferred around the 19th October. Am nervous and also praying that i will be 3rd time lucky. I will be keeping my finger cross and praying for you Lynsey86. Good luck to everyone going through IVF it a long difficult journey and we need each other support. Only us who are going through it knows the true pain it causes. xxxgood luck.

  • Oh not long now hop36 ino it probably feels forever anyway ino it did for me but a week today I will be getting my transfer just really hate that 2ww we definitely need to be there for each other yeah we have partners friends family but as u said no one gets it until going through it I pray it works for us all we will make the best mummy's ☺ xxxxx

  • So pleased for you all waiting transfers xx sending love and prayers for success xx

  • Thank you hopeforicsi xxxxx

  • Thank you hopeicsi!

  • Just wanted to wish u the best of luck and I really hope it works this time for you, u certainly deserve it having to go through it 3 times. Keeping my fingers crossed for u as people say 3rd time lucky stay positive xx

  • Aww thank you so much E81hopeful definitely has been some journey so far just really want it to work so much now as so draining at times yip 3rd time lucky xxxxx

  • Praying for you! I'm almost about to start my first cycle so tired of hospitals already so you've been so strong getting through this!, good luck! Xx

  • Thank you little_miss-93 oh how exciting starting your 1st cycle I really hope u get some good news few soon it really is so tiring isn't it hun all be worth it tho xxxxx

  • Thank Lynsey, yeah all worth it in the end when we have our bundles of joy :), really hope it works for you too :) xxx

  • Hope it works for u x there must be some good luck for us out there xx starting number 3 next year xx we had chemical and negative so BFP it could be next xx good luck

  • Thank you miroslava awww that's great hun I really hope it all works out for u too xxxxx

  • Good luck Hun, I'm sure you will be fine, we all deserve a happy ending after this horrible journey, keep as positive as u can and luck after yourself, xxxx

  • Thank you abbie103 we definitely do deserve our happy ending hope u do too hun xxxxx

  • Good luck wishing you all the best Xx

  • Thank you each_316 xxxxx

  • Wishing you all the luck & hoping this is your time. X

  • Thank you so much lamb82 xxxxx

  • Good luck...

    We are on cycle 3, our first frostie cycle...transfer date on paper is 12th :-)


  • Thank you hollibob aww that's great news hun u must be so excited xxxxx

  • Mixed feelings as always I guess, but over the main part of the medication which is the main thing :-)

  • It will always be so worth it hun and u will be such a good wee mum hollibob xxxxx

  • Good luck Lynsey! Fingers crossed for you. X

  • Thank you so much discobec xxxx

  • They say it takes an average of 3 goes so the odds are in your favour!!

    Good luck Hun I know exactly how you are feeling, I hope the TWW is kind to you! Xxx

  • Thank you so much bumpwanted yeah I've heard that too so hopefully it's true ☺ are you waiting on ur tww hun xxxxx

  • I was just about to go for my third transfer like you and then I got a natural bfp!!!! I am v nervous and the wait until my scan feels soooooo long! I thought the TWW was bad!

    I hope your TWW is not too long Hun x

  • Awww hun am so happy for you that's great news ☺ aw bet ur nervous ane scared to do anything I want in bubble wrap for the 1st few month haha hope it's not either can't believe it's on Tue may till just now feel it's been so long xxxxx

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