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Scared, ET Sunday and Flu like symptoms

Hi all, just feeling a little scared and worried this cycle will be for nothing. My partner has had this flu like bug and I've now got it (aching limbs, nauseous, not eating, hot and cold). I haven't moved in the last 2 days as feel so rubbish. I've told the clinic and they say lots of people have successful transfers with colds and bugs.

I'm just not feeling confident. At the moment I have 3 top quality and 3 good quality eggs which will be a day 5 transfer which is planned for Sunday.

My fingers and toes are crossed that this will work. I don't want to fail just because of a stupid bug. X

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Hi LillieF. Oh dear, what a nightmare for you! Try not to worry too much, as everything can still go ahead. Make sure you drink plenty when you can, and take some paracetamol. Keep off anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen. Keep warm and rest when you can. Thinking of you, and hope you soon feel better. Diane


Thank you for your kind words Diane. Just hoping this cycle isn't going to be ruined by a stupid bug. X


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