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This is my first post. Not sure even how to do this correctly, I may just be posting an 'introductory' post here lol. OH and I recieved the news that our funding has been approved about two weeks ago. It took almost four months to hear our decision. My question is how long do we wait for our first appointment at the clinic? Will it be months? It's already been weeks and we've not heard anything yet..

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  • Hi! My funding was approved 3 weeks ago and our first appointment is in September. It took a month for our funding to be approved. We are based in West London. X

  • Hi! I and my dh chose the clinic abroad and our first appt was just in a week or so after we contacted the managers. I know that this is a little bit different situation, and I think that every clinic differs in terms of this. But ours was just that quick with finding a donor too. But some people do wait for months, as I've seen on the forums. But I can't say more, cos I don't know about that...


  • with my clinic, first appointment wasn't a problem at all. if i'm not mistaken, we took a flight there maybe in a week after approving with a manager. We asked it to be as quick as possible. as for the second appointment, we were in a queue for a surro a little bit more than 2 months

  • What??? 2 months?? How is that possible?

  • When I made chase up phone calls to my gynaecologists office re; the funding, the receptionist told me the CCG normally take 6-8 weeks but our application was sent on March the 21st and we didn't get a call until 2 weeks ago.. She said to just wait for a letter in the post. I think I'm in for another long wait 😕

  • Do not worry and do not get upset! Wait time can be long but it'll pass and in the future when having your baby you will not remember all those days you've been waiting for this letter. Lots of love xx

  • Thank you Polineawrr! What a lovely positive response. I just hope that when we finally start treatment that its successful because we only get one shot at this!

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