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Due to start IVF


We were recently told by our fertility doctor that she will refer us on for IVF. We have been trying for 2 1/2 years. I have polycystic ovaries, I had the scan and actually they weren't that bad and my fertility doctor said that shouldn't affect my fertility so I haven't had clomid. My husbands semen result is fine except positive mars tails whatever that is! Just had all my blood tests again ready for the referral... Rather than being excited I feel absolutely terrified and also really don't want to tell work what is happening yet and preferably not at all! Can anyone help with how long appointment are for the first time and maybe what to expect and how quickly it all happens? I am a worrier so would be nice to know what to expect 🙂

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I'm assuming it will depend on what area your in and what the waiting list is like. We have had all the tests and everything was fine and had our last appointment at fertility clinic in March this year where they took our weight and checked we weren't smokers and we were told 6-9 months from the 2 year mark which for us was June and we got a letter through this month saying treatment would start October :-) x


Thanks for the reply. Looking at my own post I wasn't very clear 😬 I was wondering how long the actual appointment is as I know in our area to get to see an IVF specialist is about a month, just wanted to know really what to expect that first time x


Oh sorry I didn't realise that was part of the process lol . We were told a few months before treatment is due to start that we will be asked to go in and get final blood tests don't and I was just assuming we would be told what we needed to do then and be given everything we need? So I'm expecting a letter August, September time x


You'll probably find that you'll be with the nurses longer than the consultant.

Every clinic does stuff slightly different. We were sent a load of paperwork to fill out before and the nurse went through all of that and the consultant then discussed what our results were, the protocol was recommended, gave some tips on vitamins etc and then back to the nurse for example treatment to give an idea on appointments etc. That one was probably an hour max.

We then had another appointment nearer to the start date to sign hfea paperwork, a bit of a biology lesson and go through injections stuff. That was about an hour too.

Don't be scared to see if they can see you at the start or the end of the day if that works out better for you.

The other appointments for scans are only around 30 mins with the scan and nurse chats. Again, ask them what times they open, as they might only do scans on set days. Ours is mon, wed, fri for progress scans starting from 0730.

For me, I decided that when it got to collection time, I start some leave from then until the test day or for a week, depending on how much leave I had left!!

I didn't want work to really know, but you have to be as stress free as possible. My bosses were blokes, but one I'd worked with for years. I told 2 of them that it was going to be happening in the near future and that I might need to have some flexibility on my shifts or change my leave dates last minute. They were really understanding and I was lucky that the other ones brother had been through IVF and knew you shouldn't be stressed. It just meant they spread the work load to others instead of coming to me all the time!

I'm going to be doing short protocol this time which will be approx a month and the long protocol approx two months from start to finish.

Hope this helps a bit. The main thing is asking your clinic about what they do and seeing if they can give you an example treatment plan. It helps to break things down into sections, the down regs, the stims...just stops you driving yourself crazy!

You'll be fine. We are all here :-)



Thank you that's really helpful. Just anxious and nervous really wanted it to be all natural but hey ho! I work in a doctors surgery so really didn't want to have to tell them unless really needed too 😬 But I'll look into maybe trying to book some leave. I am absolutely terrified of needles and everything! God knows why I want to go through child birth lol I faint when I have blood tests!! Think I'm used to them all now though! Just had my last blood test so it's in date for the referral for IVF then just wait for the appointment which doesn't seem to be too long in my area. Just so frustrating that there is nothing really wrong with us 😞 X


I know it's frustrating with every month that passes!!

I'm at a new company now where no one knows our past history. I'm lucky that start/finish times are quite flexible within reason, so hope I can get the first/last appointments. For the time off afterwards, I'm just going to book leave and say it's for decorating the house/uk holiday. Some people take the time off, others don't, it's a personal choice. I don't want to be stressed doing the rounds and you have to be selfish, this is about you and your future, not work!

Oh no!! My brother is like that with needles too. I'm ok and started doing my own for treatment, but then one day I just couldn't do it. It made me feel quite stressed and hubby did it. We've made a pack that he'll do the injections for me now as he gets to help with the journey a bit more. I decided it wasn't worth stressing about and one day hubby was away for work so my acupuncture lady did it for me. Like everything we do, we just have to remember what the end result could be!!

Maybe if you have a nice nurse at work that you can talk to, they might help with the daily injections?

We had all our referral tests done, paperwork/approval was in the September, the clinic wanted to run their own sperm sample, internal scan and AMH blood test before our appointment in the November and we then started out injections on Xmas day.

I know you don't like needles, but having something like acupuncture or reflexology might be good to keep you chilled during the treatment.


Yeah I keep thinking stuff work this is more important but I'm also quite a private problem and also I don't want people to know that I am struggling to have children I feel a bit useless really.

I was thinking of asking hubby but think he'll be worried about hurting me too much lol! Didn't think about asking a nurse at work good idea! I'm sure they will keep their mouth shut.

I just want to get started now. It's been such a long time as I had to push and push my own GP into doing something. It's only coz I work in a surgery I knew what to ask for dread to think what happens to other people in this situation with no knowledge at my GP's


You shouldn't ever blame yourself as you've done nothing wrong and are trying your best to get the end result.

When your clinic do your injection training, maybe hubby could have a go too?

I know, sometimes you just feel like you have to fight for everything to just get a small step forward!


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