CD 20 Follicle scan could this damage the embryo i could be pregnant

Hello everyone

I am on clomid 100mg. Im on round two. I had a follicle scan on cd 14. I could not have one done on cd 11 becuz of christmas holidays. The lady said i will need to come bk for another scan on cd 20. On thefirst scan i had a follicle of 24mm n she said i should be baby dancing every otherday which im doing. I have been doing opk from cd 14 to cd 17 whoch all came bk positive. I have been having crampsthis morning

Should i go for the scan on cd 20 or not if i have consievd would the scan not damage the embryo. I have not done a preg test yet as its way to early. Any advice will help alot thanks ladies.xx

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  • Medically I don't know the answer to your question. I think if you're worried about it call the nurse at your clinic and that'll put your mind at ease 😊

    Good luck Hun


  • Hello jess. I did ring up and i was told it should not effect. However i have beeen doing research and most comes bk that scan doesnt 100% tell if i have ovu or not. Its hit.or.miss but a blood test will confirm 100%. I have decided its best and safe to go for a blood test im going for blood test on thursday cd 21. Hey just wanted to say ur not alone. Im having alot of frustration with my clinic too the receptionist is annoying and un sensitive she does give dam honestly i was so close to calling pals. I hope ur oky thinking of you swetheart.xx

  • You must do what is right for you- make sure you are properly monitored by the clinic-don't want you to have your health put at risk😷

    I know they are vile- to them you're just one of many. And you're right they don't care. Considering how vulnerable we all going through infertility-which is hard enough-i think these people should be compassionate. It should be more regulated-the office staff shouldn't get away with behaving like that 😑

    Mine is about to get a wake up call-my GP is not at all impressed by how she spoke to me-and her being so bialse about it all-putting my health at risk-that made my GP cross. I hope she gets a bollocking hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ˆ

    Have you got a nice nurse that you can talk about any concerns with? Failing that how about your GP? I have found my GP to be far more supportive than my clinic have been. Unlike my clinic he has taken my concerns seriously. If your GP has to get involved then the clinic will get a wake up call-it's win win!

    Don't let them have the satisfaction of making you upset-it's easier said than done-I spent the weekend crying-I didn't tell my husband how vile she'd been about our treatment-he would've gone mental πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

    Thanks for being there.


  • Hello jess thanks for ur reply. I honestly didnt know that i can go to my gp about my concerns. The gp that ref me was gyno but my actual gp i havent seen in ages. At my last consultaion i was told to take a blood test and then call up for results. This was the sr who advised this. I went to my local pathology to have the bloods done as i couldnt make it to the clinic n i was told that the results will be sent to my dr at the clinic. Its been more than two weeks and no one can find my results the clinic is saying they havent recieved anything and the dr sec said "well i cant keep looking for results or keep going through ur folder ull have to wait a week now n see what i can do" she was so rude honestly. Jess i didnt know that theres a nurse i can talk to i have never been told this or wasnt aware of it. Do i just ring up the clinic n say i want to speak to a nurse? Thanks for ur reply jess.x

  • I'm so sorry to hear you're experiencing rudeness. These medical secretary's / receptionists are rude-they are well known for it.

    There should be a nurse at your clinic that you can talk any concerns over with. I think you should be able to phone and speak to a nurse.

    I have spoken to the IVF nurse and even tho I'm not an IVF patient she has taken time to talk to me.

    At least they are medically to answer your worries-not some office bod!

    GP can always be contacted to over any concerns-they still have a duty of care over your health- it doesn't matter if you are at a clinic - particularly if the clinic aren't taking your concerns seriously.

    If I hadn't contacted my GP- potentially my life was put at risk. I have suspected OHSS and that can be life threatening-my consultant didn't listen to my concerns-I have phoned my clinic many occasssions and he didn't take my concerns seriously. Luckily my GP has referred me for an urgent ultrasound scan. I don't know what your relationship is like with your GP. I have a very supportive GP -and I know I can go to him anytime-he will do right by me and go above and beyond. I feel safe that he isn't going to let me come to harm.

    How frustrating that they blaming each other for losing your results- call your GP about it-he/she will soon find your results. βœ… Sometines we have to go to crazy lengths to get things done. It's not fair on you to have this extra stress-like going through infertility isn't bad enough. I'm so angry that they were rude to you πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

    Good luck!!!


  • Thank you so much for ur support jess. I have had blood work done today o m g my arm is so sore. The lady couldnt find my vein so ithink she was sure n just stuck the needle in honestly ifeel so angery. N then i put my hand out for the bus and that didnt stop either. I have phones this burse today becuz her number was on the blood work and she was very nice and professional. Have u had ur date yet for ur scan i hope everything turns out good for u thinking of u.xx

  • I have very tricky veins too-I have had lots of problems having bloods done- feel your pain. Last year someone did the same to me-I thought I was going to pass out. It does make you angry-they should be able to get blood from anyone without a problem. I don't blame you one bit for being angry!

    How annoying to miss the bus-I hope you didn't have to wait to long for another one.

    I'm so glad that you have found a supportive nurse-you really need someone medical on your side-it makes such a difference . Any medical worries go to her-she'll make sure you are ok 😊I think the Drs and nurses are good-it's the office boss that let them down. 😑

    No date yet-GP sent it off whilst on the phone to me-who says men can't multi task hahahaha. He did put urgent on it sure it won't be too long. Thanks for asking 😊

    I'm sure all this will be worth it-we will get our positive test-keep believing hunni πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸŒˆ


  • Yes i did catch the next bus on time. Ur doing grt despite everything. Hope ur scan comes through asap. Ur very lucky to have a fab dr. Yes ur right we will get our happiness we r not giving up.lots of love to u. Will be thinking you.ill look out for ur next post.lots of love.

  • Aww thank you that means a lot.

    Love back at ya 😘


  • Hi bibi_16. A blood test should do just fine. Good luck and will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks diane. Did u have nice time off.x

  • You were defo missed.x

  • Hi bibi_16. Thanks for that. Sadly we had a family bereavement, so not the time off I would have chosen. Take care. Diane

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