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Stimulation scan update CD12


So today had a scan on cd 12 of stimms. 1 follicle at 20mm, 1 at 15mm and 1 at 14mm and a few still under 10. Egg collection is on Friday, I feel my 20mm follicle will be over cooked by then? I’m disappointed with those numbers. Will more grow by Friday? The doctor said he hopes to collect 5 follicles by Friday.

What are other people’s stories? How many follicles did you have? How many eggs did that correlate too? How many were mature?How many fertilised?

Feeling crest fallen xx

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From other's stories on here it seems that it's quality not quantity that counts. Some people get lots but they're not the best quality and viceversa. Everyobe respobds differently but remember it only takes one! I'm very new to this journey but this is keeping me positive when it comes to the end goal. I hope you get a positive outcome xx

I hope it goes well for you try not to stress it definitely does not help xx

It does seem to go up quite rapidly towards egg collection day. Mine didn't respond much at first and we even discussed abandoning the cycle but I ended up with 9 follicles, 6 eggs, 5 mature, 4 fertilised and one made it to day 5 transfer. I think as a previous poster said, it's definitely quality over quantity as that one egg turned into a pregnancy and I'm now 12 weeks. I know it's hard, but really try not to worry as hopefully you will get a few more good quality eggs on Fridayxx

Jhenderson in reply to AndRelax

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Thanks for your reassurances. Just had a read of your profile I have PCOS too. Did you go straight to IVF or did you try clomid first? X

AndRelax in reply to Jhenderson

We went straight to IVF because I ovulated and also because we had male factor thrown in too. I was told because of PCOS I was at higher risk of ohss so they kept me on low doses on the short protocol so it did take what seemed like forever to respond. I don't know if this helped or if it was coincidence but I was told to eat lots of protein and from when I started to eat very high protein yoghurts every day, the follicles seemed to grow much more quickly xx

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