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Hello everyone

I feel im cursed honestly this is the sec rime this is haening to me. I had my follicle scan today and they want to bring me bk in on thursday or friday to again chek the follicles but its only male dr that can do the scan on friday and thursday no one available to do the scan n i only want to have the scan done by female. If i dont have done on friday then i have to wait untell next month for period to start and take clomid . I just feeel so annoyed and frustrated and angery. Is there anything i cado ov

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  • Is there anything i can do. Ive been rining up my g to see if he can send me for scan t my local hospital but the receptionist at my surgery said the gp will need some letter sent from the clinic to the dr in ordee to that i only hve untell friday to sort this whole mess out im just about to give up xxx

  • I have had scans off female and male nurses/doctors they are very professional and it's just a job to them x

  • Hey Hun iv had a male and female scan me. And it was a male that done my egg collection and my transfer! There isn't anything to be scared about they are very professional xx

  • With the scan they shouldn't see anything? Mine are always done very privately and they turn the lights off and don't actually look at you... my egg collection and transfer were done by men. It's their job so try to relax and just zone out. They've seen more lady bits than you've seen men's bits I can guarantee you!!! Xx

  • Thanks everyone for your reply. I guess im over reacting. I just feeel so uncomfortable with male nurse doing it but like u guys said its just a job for them. Okay ill stop worrying and just get on with it. Thanks everyone xxx

  • I know it can be abit embarrassing but really they are just doing a job to them. Just try and relax and think of something else x

  • Sometimes the male doctors can actually be more caring and gentle than the female ones!! After you've had a couple of procedures with anyone you honestly won't care...

  • Hi there,

    Please don't panic as a female nurse myself my fellow male nurses understand this. All they will be interesting is is counting they follicles.

    Good luck xxxx

  • Thanks lovely ladies you guys are fab best wishes for everyone xxx

  • I agree with the other ladies- to male nurses/Drs it's just their job. I've had an hsg performed by a male dr and I have to say he was very professional and put me at ease-there were two female nurses that were with me whilst it was done.

    I've seen many male Drs over the years-my GP and my fertility consultant are men and have both been very professional. I have actually found them easier to talk. Which is strange when the subject matter is such a sensitive issue!

    Good luck with the scan-you will be fine promise!


  • Thank you jess for ur reply. Iwill rethink it and as i dont want to wait untell next month i think ill go ahead with the male nurse. X

  • I don't blame you - I wouldn't want postpone trying for a month. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    I can understand the worries of it being done by a man. I was like that when I found out the dr doing my hsg was a man-but I needn't have worried he was very professional and made me feel at ease. x

  • Hey jess i was just reading ur profile just to find ladies that are also on clomid . Im also on clomid round one just finshed couple of days ago. Im on cd 11 and my scan was today i had one follicle 13mm. The nurse said it should grow more and should reach 5mm by friday. Just wondering do u know how much the follicles grow each day and also if i was to not go to my 2nd scan on thursday or friday would it really mtter becuz i will hopefully ovulate on thurs or friday and then i can just baby dance im not sure having a 2nd scan will do anything or add anything.xz

  • Im afraid I can't help you with the scans because my clinic are not monitoring me with any scans or blood tests. I have no idea if the clomid is even working...

    I'm sure one of the other ladies will know the answer to that question.

    I'm glad your clinic are monitoring you closely at least you can see it's working x

  • Spelling mistake ment to say 15mm not 5mm

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