Bleeding again!

Had a terribly dry throat in the night and couldn’t stop coughing. Not sure whether that’s why I have some bleeding when I wiped this morning and it’s coming though on panty liner. No cramps so far. Will call the doctors when they open. So worried. Didn’t tell OH because didn’t want to worry him before he went to work. Had bleeding last week Monday and two scans since showed no problems. Hoping all ok. Staying in bed today unless docs tell me to do otherwise. Such a roller coaster!

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  • Hope all is well Freda xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Me to hunn 😭.. I'm still early 5weeks 5 days today and they whont scan me until next week! But yesterday I had very light pink then turned brown yesterday it stopped after an hour and then later on just before I whent to bed it's was light pink again! Woke up at 3am and there was a lot of brown blood again! So annoying 😔 I don't understand why they whont even do a blood test for me for some re assurance im absolutely crapping myself xx

  • It’s scary isn’t it? Brown and pink are meant to be ok but It would be more reassiring to have a scan. Mine is red which is not meant to be good but hopefully it will be ok xx

  • It is!! Ive passed a very small clot now though so I'm currently not knowing what to do my GP is crap! And I can't get through to emergency gynaecology and 111 have told me to speak to the doctor but all he says is to monitor it and there's nothing he can do 😰 I'm booking a private scan for Monday I'd go today but I can't get in until then! So annoying 😔 I hope everything is ok xxx

  • I hope all is ok. Lest us know what your gp says. Rest rest and rest xx

  • Will do. I’m actually thinking I’ll leave it til tomorrow and see how it goes today. I have an appt tomorrow morning. The blood has turned brown now and is not too much. I just want to stay in bed. Thanks for your support. How are you doing? Xx

  • You’re welcome. I’m ok xx

  • Try not to worry I bleed for 3 weeks (wk 6-wk 9) some brown and some bright red and was filling a panty liner some day. Hope all is well xxx

  • Thank you! It’s helpful to hear of others’ experiences. I’m going to just rest up today and see gp in the morning cos I have an appointment and see how things go. Xx

  • All they used to say to me is rest and keep well hydrated xx

  • Ok I will do that xxx

  • Here if you need anything xx

  • Thank you xx

  • I know how terrifying this must be but it seems normal for this to happen. Your scans have been ok so hopefully everything is fine. I am thinking of you, get plenty of rest. You know where we all are if you need any support x

  • Thank you Hun - gonna rest until today and go see go tomorrow am. Xx

  • Hope you're all. Let us know how you get on with the docs xx

  • Thank you - will do - got go appt in the morning so going to rest up today xx

  • Ah sending positive vibes your way xx hoping all goes well with the Doctor xxx

  • Thank you Hun - got appt in the am gonna rest up today xxx

  • Thinking of you!xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Hope everything's ok hun. You are having such a roller coaster arent you have you got through to the docs now. What have they said? Xx

  • I am! I’ve got an appt in the morning so I’m just going to go along then and monitor what’s happening today. The blood has turned brown now which is meant to be better and it’s not too heavy so am hoping maybe my coughing just irritated my cervix or something - fingers crossed xxx

  • Sorry hun I read your replies after. Don't want you to feel like a parrot. Bless ya. Rest up think of nice things and hopefully it will stop. As long as your not in any pain you should be ok and not heavy bleeding. Hope tomorrow goes well at drs 💗🤗😘

  • Thinking of you, get lots of rest today! Xx

  • Thinking of you hun, hope all is fine. Have lots of rest and relaxation xx

  • Hope you got lots of rest and are ok. xx

  • I have been having spotting on and off since friday, although nothing today but when I had my scan yesterday the sonographer could see where I had a chorionic hematoma bleed and said is very common and may bleed again. She said it’s nothing to worry about and they even said I can carry on as normal although I do find eating where possible and drinking lots of water did help. It’s difficult as I work full time so not like I can just go for an afternoon nap. Hope it eases off soon for you x

  • Thank you. My scan on Monday they said no sign of any blood but will see gp tomorrow. I feel wiped out. Xx

  • If the blood turns to brown after a couple of hours then there's nothing for you to worry about. I've had this problem twice now and both times the scan showed no active bleeding and drs suggested it was the old blood that was finding its way out.... we do get worried sick and I am sure you must really be in the same condition as I was when I saw the RED blood!!! Have a scan of u feel up to it, at this stage they will conduct an internal one...

    Wishing you all the best of luck and keeping everything crossed for you. 😘🍀🍀

  • Thank you. Haven’t had any more today so hoping all ok. Got gp appt tomorrow so will see what they say xx

  • What times appt hun. Hope your ok 💗🤗😘

  • Thanks love. Dr referred me to EPU again. Going there shortly. Xx

  • Good luck! Hope all is ok xxx

  • Good luck hun x make sure you rest lots & just stay positive x ❤🍀x

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