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Fertility issues for baby no2 (I'm new here)

Hi all (I'm new here)

I'm 35 and been trying for baby no2 for the last 2years. I had my son in2011 and unfortunately due to post birth neglect he contracted sepsis and is serverly disabled. We thought we would devote all our time to him before having another and now he is a lot bigger we wanted to try for baby no2. However this time it's proving bait more difficult. I never went back on the pill post birth. Over the last 18months I've had all the relevant tests done ( bloods, scans, X-ray ) and my husband sperm count is fine. Both of us are fine. Had 3 cycles of clomid in the summer without success . Trying clomid again now but this time I'm having follicle scans at the same time. I had a scan on day 12 and there was one in my right ovarly approx 11mm , had another scan today (day 15) and they couldn't find anything!

The fertility nurse at the hospital said she was not sure if I had already ovulated early (but there were no signs of ovaluation ), whether the egg didn't grow any bigger and just went back into my ovary , or that due to my left ovary positioning it maybe still there but can't see it. My left ovary is more towards the center so it's always difficult to see it. I'm so confused and if I'm honest ...... I'm really upset. The stress this is causing both me and my husband. And it really feels like no one can give me any support or answers. I hope you can help x

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Hi, sorry to hear what's happened. My story is quite similar. I have a child who is 10 turning 11 this year he also is severely disabled still looking for diagnosis.

I haven't conceived after him either I've been on the clomid for 6 months but no luck. All revelent test have come clear so they have recommended ivf which we have considered. As we have a child we will need to pay for this cycle.

My advice would be just keep taking the clomid. Hopefully it works for you also try not worrying all the time.

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hello, want to say sorry and make you cheer up. you are bave woman if you want to have second baby, i know how that hurts when you cant do anything with your health. my life is not a fairytale also. we've passed a lot of troubles with my husband and you know only he could make me smile in stressful hopeless days when i thought i couldnt survive anymore. we've failed 4 cycles of ivs but that didn't stop us, hope you do the same. and be strong enough to face all hazards in your journey

wish you patience and luck xxx

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I'm in a similar TTC situation. I have my son 6 years ago and have been TTC for the past 4.

I was in denial about the whole situation & it took me a long time to seek help. Anyway I saw my GP & was referred to our local NHS hospital. We had all the tests done including sperm & for me an HSG. We then had 6 cycles on Clomid which were all accompanied by scans. I responded well to the drug but still nothing. We then had 3 cycles on Letrozole also with an injection of pregnyl to initiate egg release. Still nothing.

Last November we were discharged from them as there was no further treatment they could offer - not eligible for any further funding.

We are now looking into IVF as it's our only option. I know I'm so lucky to have a child already - please know you're not alone xxxx

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hi, feel sorry for you too, there are a lot of women on this forum who are suffer from such problems// sorry for my curiosity but where will you try toyr next ivf because i've trying in 2 countries and that gave no result, we are searcing for another clinic


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