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3rd cycle failed

Hi I'm not sure what to write as this is my first time on this site. My first cycle didn't get to egg collection as my body didn't react to the drugs as it should. 2nd cycle they only managed to collect 1 egg and although it fertilised perfectly this cycle didn't work. My 3rd cycle they got 4 eggs but only 3 were viable and only 2 fertilised. they were both re-implanted and I was starting to hope that this time it would work and I went for my pregnancy test on Wednesday and rang for my results that afternoon to be told yet again it didn't work. I feel like such a failure and I'm not sure if I can afford to try privately. Does anyone know if I can appeal for another try on NHS because I don't feel my 1st cycle should count as I didn't get to egg collection.

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Hiya allicat, sorry to hear your sad news. Here in Wales we are only entitled to 2 cycles on nhs. Both mine failed. 1st was in 2008 where I produced 15 eggs. They done both Ivf and icsi, only 2 icsi eggs fertilized and I had hyperstimulation too. Unfortunatly it failed. My second round this year I produced 8 eggs only 2 fertilized 1 healthy embryo, I bled after egg collection so couldn't do embryo transfer. I had to stop for a month then put on prognova which has made my fibroids grow over 6cm, I had embryo transfer done end of April which I was in a lot of pain after, preggy test on 13 may which was negative. And I don't get to see consultant until July.


Hi both my cycles that i produced eggs from were icsi due to husbands frozen sample. They said I was at risk of hyperstimulation too but my body didn't react to drugs as it should have, I needed a higher dose. I thought the government were changing rules so everyone was getting 3 cycles. I hope this is the case. I guess I'm lucky I have not been diagnosed with any medical problems. My husband had a hernia and it created a blockage that stopped us having children naturally. The only problems I have are that I don't seem to grow many eggs (4 at any time is my max so far) and I cant carry them. I have heard from friends about people who have moved to a different area of England so they could get more try's of IVF and were succesfull. That's not an option for me due to my parents health but maybe its something that might be an option for someone else in a similar situation. I hope u get some good news in July I have my fingers crossed for u. please keep me updated. K (I'm hoping to win lottery so I can pay for as many IVF's as poss for as many people in our situation as I can so keep ur fingers crossed for us all). sorry I'm babbling on its nerves and hormones K


Hi allicat,

Each clinic will have a document which clearly states the definition of a full cycle of IVF. This document may be useful if you are going to appeal.

Have you discussed your feelings with your clinic and queried if your first cycle is counted since it was cancelled before egg collection? They may be able to give you the answers before going to the appeal stage.


hi thanks for advice I wont get back to the clinic for at least 2 month but I will ask when I go. Thanks K


Hi my first cycle was also cancelled before egg collection but was told that Wouldn't count as a try because there was only 1 egg and it Wasn't big enough...I would check with your clinic to make sure..good luck. X


Thanks that gives me a glimmer of hope Thanks K


So sorry you have had a difficult time and no success so far. I have had 1 failed IVF cycle and am due to try again later this month. It is so disappointing. I too felt like a failure - the rational bit of you knows that is crazy as it isn't anyone's fault but I know I feel like it is my body that is letting me down. It is hard to come to terms with the fact that something that comes so easily to some people without even trying is proving so difficult despite doing everything we can to conceive.

I know through our NHS clinic a cycle is counted if you receive the booster - if the cycle was stopped at any point prior to that it didn't count. As others are saying I think each clinic might be different but you should certainly ask.

I hope you are getting lots of support. Take care and best of luck.


Sending you all the good luck I can find in the world for your second cycle. When u say "the booster" is that the pen you have to keep in the fridge or is it the "menupor". My husband is trying to support me but he's not a very touchy feely kind of man. The girls I work with are great but my boss doesn't care even though she struggled to conceive herself, she just wants the job done. Please keep me informed of your progress. I'm not religious but I will pray to Saint Gerard for you. I have also heard from someone who IVF worked for that Pineapple juice helps your chances my doctors and nurses have never heard of this but my friend gave birth thanks to her 3rd cyle of IVF to a healthy girl 2 weeks ago and she swears it helped. Good Luck K


Thanks so much for your wishes - I will let you know how I get on.

The booster was the pen that went in the fridge. I can find it hard to remember all the names of the various drugs.

I really feel for you and your husband. Without a doubt this is the hardest thing I have ever been through - it strains all your relationships. I am pleased you have good friends at work who are trying to support you, but it is so sad your boss is not. Especially if she has had problems conceiving herself - I can't understand how someone having had fertility problems can be unsympathetic.

I have heard of the pineapple thing. Apparently the juice has some propertty and that is meant to make the lining of your womb a bit sticky, reportedly helping the embryo embed after transfer. I am not sure how scientific this is, but I figure it probably can't hurt and plan on drinking plenty of pineapple juice in the run up to embryo transfer!

I sincerely hope you get another chance on the NHS. I will remember you in my prayers too and wish you all the best of luck. Please let me know if you do get another go. C x


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