BFN today πŸ˜’πŸ’”

I tested this morning after our 2 embie 3 day transfer, and it was a negative. We are devastated as we truly thought that our second attempt would come good for us. Life seems so unfair and days like these are hard, everytime this process fails it takes away a little part of your soul.

I'm going to call our clinic tomorrow to discuss our result and see what options we have and see what we do next. We have to keep trying and have to believe that one day our time will come. Xx

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  • Big hugs, life is so cruel. Look after yourself during this difficult time xxx

  • I'm really really sorry to read your post, my heart goes out to you, I know how you feel. Talk to your doctor, they will have learnt / reasons why this cycle failed & they will be able to adjust your protocol & meds accordingly for the next cycle to overcome whatever issues caused this cycle to fail. That's how I look at it & that's how I'm coping, each step taken resolves a problem & is a step forward. Look after yourself, spoil yourself & try again in the future when you are feeling right. All the best to you.

  • So sorry to hear this!! Sending big hugs to you at this difficult time take care xx

  • I'm really sorry Hannah. Look after yourself, and hopefully you'll find the strength to try again x

  • Hi,

    Myself and my husband on our second attempt also got negative and I felt it was worse than when it worked before and we ended up having a miscarriage and ectopic because at least it did work and I was pregnant X you do feel so lost and time does help it's hard to hear but it does and just make sure you get an appointment with the clinic so your not waiting around.

    One day it will happen for you and when it does all this will be worth it xx 😊

  • Oooh honey, I'm so so so sorry for you. You are right, it does take a bit of us each time it doesn't work.

    Sending you a big hug and lots of prayers.

  • So so sorry to hear this. Be kind to yourselves and take the time you need to let off steam and/or rest. Sending huge hugs xx

  • So sorry for you both xxx

  • Massive hugs to you my love....if anyone gets it we do.... I have become got thicker skin for my 4 failures and lost a lot of my soul to this journey or perhaps spirit would be the word however it's not over yet and am still pushing at 41.

    Take time out for both you and hubby remember what it was before this and remember even after this there was a before.

    Be good to yourself, the pain eases 😘

  • I'm so so sorry to hear this . Life is so unfair . I can imagine how you must be feeling.

    Maybe it's a case of 3rd time lucky for you.

    Take care of yourself xxxxxxx

  • Oh no so sorry to read this, life is cruel at times sending big virtual hugs your way xx

  • Big hugs to you..... Wishing you a good rest and hope third time is lucky for you xx

  • Hello Hannah143,

    Sending you lots of love and kisses. Will be keeping you in my prayers. Xxx

  • Poor thing, Hannah! I'm so, so terribly sorry for you!

    But I appreciate you are able to pull yourself together rather quickly. You're thinking about other options and the next steps. It's so marvelous that you're strong, brave lady going straight to her aim!

    I'm a newbie to de ivf process. Our 1st app is going to be conducted on the 8th of Feb. I do feel very nervous about it.. And sometimes going insane with all those 'ifs' and 'whats'.. Hoping for best things of course but being realistic. Due to my age and diagnosis we're likely to book 5 attempts program. Women of my age are sure there is too little chance of conceiving with the 1st attempt. Besides we need DE as OE are very low quality. So this makes the process more difficult. . .

    I have my fingers crossed for everyone on this painful path. And willing so much one day our dreams come true xxx

  • Thanks for all your support, we get good at dusting ourselves down and focussing on the next cycle don't we! It really helps to have you lovely ladies to talk to, thank you. I've booked my follow up appt for next Wednesday and I'm hoping we will craft a new and improved plan for next time. Back on the horse, as they say πŸ˜‰ Xx

  • Oh. Was so sorry to hear the news Hannah143. But Great that you are keeping positive! Do take great care of yourself.

    Did the Dr give any explanations as why it didn't take?

    Sending you lots of hugs! x

  • So sorry to hear this, it's not fair at all. Rest and take it easy for now and hopefully when your feeling ready you can give it another go. Wishing you all the best hun xx

  • So sorry to hear that. I was in the same boat after our second attempt last summer.

    Was heart breaking and was i found myself feeling numb. BUT after a short break and third attempt, we got pregnant, just as I turned 40. So, there is hope. There has to be. It's easy to say, i know, but try and stay as healthy and positive as you can x

  • Can't for a minute imagine how you are feeling but just wanted to say I'm so sorry! Look after yourselves!!x

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