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New to all this - any advice?


Hi everyone. Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for 4yrs. After several tests over the last year with all normal results on both sides we are now starting our IVF journey. Funding has been agreed and we have our first assessment appointment on 4th January. My husband is super excited about it, I have mixed feelings but mostly anxious! I'm just so worried that we're going to go through this whole process without success and I know that that attitude is not going to make things any easier. Any advice for us as we're just starting our journey? I really want to be excited but I'm just a natural born worrier.

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Hi spangle, welcome to the forum. You've definitely come to the right place on this sound similar to me and my hubby, he's the most positive person I've ever met and I've always been what you would call a 'worst case scenario' type! I don't have lots of advice I'm afraid because I definitely don't have all the answers myself but all I would say is this process is really a one step at a time thing, try not to let your mind run away (easier said than done I do know) and celebrate every positive & victory along the way. Loads of luck to you xx

Hi Spangle84

Welcome to the forum, this whole process is never easy, but one thing I've learnt is you have to remain positive and take each step as it comes. There is loads of information to take on board but it's a happy time. I've had 7 people go through ivf and 6 of them now have their children or are pregnant, only one of them isn't with child and that because she gave up after her 1 st go and didn't want to do it again she wanted to focus on getting her marriage bk in track.

So take each step day by day and if you have any worries or questions then this forum is amazing everybody is lovely and understands exactly what your going through! And we're all here to help each other.

Good luck with you journey and I look forward to see your updates, so now just sit back and enjoy xmas and your new year.


Thank you both, I'm planning on trying to relax as much as possible for the next week and also avoid reading more and more stuff! Going to focus on one day at a time I think! Hope you have a merry Christmas 😊

Yeah try not to read up too much because every body is different. Have a lovely xmas xx

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