Relief and joy at 8 week scan

Very happy to let you girls know I had the 8 week scan today and baby has grown well to 1.8cm with a strong heartbeat, which doc said was normal. Now I will be transferred to a new doctor once we decide where to deliver baby. (This is Hong Kong). She played the heartbeat for me with sound and it was amazing to hear. I could see the brain, heart, spine and arm and leg buds. Pretty amazing stuff. I had braced myself for miscarriage so it was really a relief when I saw that.

I know I still have chance of miscarriage because of my age but am trying to stay positive after this great news today! Next scan is 11/12 weeks for Down's syndrome.

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  • Aw lovely news xxx

  • Lovely news Rose ☺️ Chances of miscarriage are reduced dramatically after hearing the heartbeat πŸ’— Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy x x x

  • Thanks MommaBear - fingers crossed things go well from here and for you too. Your scan must be coming up soon?

  • 4th July - I can't wait!!! :) x x x

  • Aww I bet that was amazing to hear the heartbeat! Look after yourself and look forward to the next scan! Xx

  • HI Kat - yes it was really amazing to hear it! Sounded so strong and fast. Hope the little one will keep safe : )

  • Congratulations! Here's wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy! πŸ€

  • Thanks Becky!

  • Hi Rose-la-Milli. That's so comforting to hear. Just wait until your next scan when he/she will look like a tiny person - all so exciting for you both. Diane

  • Thank you so much Diane. Looking forward to the next one with cautious hope!

  • Congrats ... how very exciting. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? I'm 42 so feel the same anxiety as you. I had my first child at 26, so a potential massive gap in my children ( if all goes well!! ).

    Can't wait for the scan but I'm still very early days. You must have been so excited to hear the heartbeat, how lovely. Xx

  • Hi there Jo, I was! I'm actually coming up to 42 next March. I was delighted to hear the heartbeat, and have been at every check up since. I'm now 18 weeks and slowly starting to feel like the baby may actually be a reality. Caught myself referring to my son yesterday for the first time. Still haven't told most people, but maybe after 20 weeks I will!

  • Great News, Congratulations xxxx

  • lovely....glad to know it....congratulations ...

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