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Final conclusion!

Just wanted to make a note about my experience! I had a sterilisation reversal in 2014 and in 2015 I had 5 pregnancies. All failed none could be located. It has now been determined beyond a reasonable doubt that all of these were tubal as I discovered my tubes were blocked via HSG. I have had extensive recurrent miscarriage testing - all normal - so I am currently in a bed at BMI Nottingham after having had a second op yesterday. Left tube unable to be repaired the right tube is now fully open. We shall see it's been some journey - I just wanted to update my circs from my other posts so at least a its updated. Love to you all at Xmas x

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What a journey you've had-I'm so sorry for the losses you've suffered.

Great news about your right tube 😊 My late aunty had one blocked tube but conceived naturally without any help 2 boys ( separately) in her late 30's. So it is totally possible to fall pregnant with only tube open 👍🏻

So glad your miscarriage testing are all ok- must be a big relief. At least you know the cause -and that has now been resolved. That's very positive.

I hope you recover soon and just take it easy 😊

All the very best-and have a lovely Christmas x


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Ooh that's exciting to hear x fingers crossed then! All the very best to you too x


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