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Finally It’s FET Day!!!!


And I’m a nervous wreck.... been awake since 3am and my appointment is not until 3pm lol

I didn’t feel like this with my last transfer, this time I’m so nervous.

Every eventuality has gone through my mind this morning

What if my embryos don’t survive the thaw?

What if I don’t get a BFP? What if I MC again?

What if.... what if... what if...

The worst bit is I don’t have those words of encouragement from my closest friends and family this time around as we’ve chosen to keep this cycle to ourselves.

Although this was my idea I’m now slightly regretting the decision.

At least if all goes well it would be such a lovely surprise for everyone and if not at least I will not be inundated with calls texts and visits. It was so overwhelming having to explain over & over when I wanted to just curl up and cry...😭

Anyway thanks in advance for taking the time to read (listen) I would drive myself insane without this forum... i have found the good and sad posts so inspiring, especially seeing the way everyone continues to remain so positive throughout the most difficult times xxx ✨✨✨

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Good luck 🍀

Thankyou x😊

Wishing you loads of luck!xx

Wishing you lots of good luck for today!! Spend the next 2 weeks trying to relax as much as possible & lots of positive thoughts x

Good luck for your transfer this afternoon mushy! Will be sending all the positive thoughts your way xxxxx

Wishing you the best of luck and positive vibes xx

Thankyou so much ladies... Ive calmed down a little now and thinking positive. I really do appreciate your kind words and wishes xxx

Best wishes for today. Hope all goes well xx

Good luck for your transfer xx

Hope all went well for transfer - good luck for 2ww and beyond xx

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