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Adoption is officially starting

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Just to let you all know that my hubby and I were approved to start the adoption process today. We start training groups in the spring time. Delighted that we are finally on the right path for us xx

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Amazing news so happy for you both. x

This is great. Wishing you all the best. X

Great news that it seems to be happening so smoothly so far x

Aww great news. Congratulations xxx

Wow that was quick and great news in time for Xmas xxx

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katya38 in reply to vic77

Thank you yes it's gone quickly so far and March isn't that far to wait!! Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

Amazing news :) congrats xx

Wonderful news!

Im so pleased to hear that everything went to plan for you both katya38. Wishing you all the best and I hope to hear of a much wanted little one coming your way soon!xx

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katya38 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you so much. I know we've a lot of hard work ahead of us but I am sure it ll all be worth it xx

Great news. I'm spending lots of time with my sisters adopted little girl while I'm back in the UK for Christmas. She is perfect and currently very clingy to her mummy which makes my heart melt. x

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katya38 in reply to Mantaray75

That's lovely xx

Great news wishing you and your husband all the very best xx

That is such positive and exciting news. What a wonderful new journey to be on - I wish you only the best.

Brilliant news!! Well done xxxx

Hi Katya.. just wanted to ask.. I hear they make you wait 6 months between ivf and even starting any assessments etc. Did this happen for you, or once you felt ready, if that was sooner than 6 months, you could make a start?

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katya38 in reply to Coracle

Hi there. We weren't made to wait 6 months after treatment but they did say they usually do. The social worker doing your initial visit will decide. To be honest by the time our training started it had been about 6 months anyway xx

Ok, thanks a lot. How is all going? Where are you now in the process? Do you mind me asking how old you are? I am 44.

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katya38 in reply to Coracle

We are in scotland so if you're England it is quite different. Going very slow. ...but getting there. We ve done our training just waiting to be linked to a social worker to start our assessment xx

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Coracle in reply to katya38

Ok, thanks for letting me know. Will start my investigating. Do keep posting your experiences if you would like to, I would like to hear peoples' adoption experiences as well as ivf. xx

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katya38 in reply to Coracle

If there's anything you want to know just ask. Xx

Brilliant news for you 👍x

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