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FET and Time Off


Hi All, wanted to get some advice. Hubbie and I had egg collection end of November, unfortunately there was a polyp and this has now been removed. We are starting FET pretty soon (this Monday) and wanted to ask regarding time off from work , did you still take the two weeks off or how soon after transfer did you go back? I know all of us are different but wanted to get your thoughts/views.

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Though out all my ivf cycles I've taken the whole 2ww off. I guess it depends on what job you do regarding stress levels. I work in a pru school so stressful levels can be high and I believe during your 2 ww you've enough to stress about you don't need added pressure. Goid luck

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Thank you x

I've had a fresh and frozen cycle where i went back to work, currently on the 2ww of our second fresh cycle and my gp has signed me off until January, otd is this week though! Xxx

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Good luck and all the best !

I also work in a school (in the nursery!) and with my fresh cycle it was during the holidays so I had the entire time off (but I felt the days dragged and it was hard to know what to do). Our fresh cycle failed. When we had our FET I took one week off and rested up, had very gentle walks and generally just treated myself to a week of quiet. I went back to work the second week but was very careful and took things easy. It is a very personal decision but I found the distraction helped during the second week as I couldn't spend my entire time googling every symptom! Good luck with your FET xx

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Thanks Daisy-Mae

Hey. I work as a social care worker in a care home so workload is very heavy and often very stressful with people off sick etc. For my cycle in October I decided to take the time off. I didn't want to blame work on a negative outcome so decided it was for the best. I tried to keep busy meeting friends and things but I have to say I was very bored.

When I got through my FET (as had s chemical pregnancy from October treatment) I'm not going to take the time off, however I will make sure that I'm put on light duties in my work.

I think for me it'll be help as I drove myself mad googling every twinge. It's definitely a personal choice and I don't regret taking the time off for my first shot.

Good luck with your treatment xxx

I only took a week off for our FET, but that was because I'd used my leave up!!

If I could have, I would take the two weeks off...

Hi there,

I am a teacher and took the whole 2ww wait off for my first cycle but it unfortunately ended in a chemical pregnancy. We then had an FET at the end of November and I only took 2 days off. Personally, I wanted to get back to work ASAP to take my mind off things - last time the 2ww sent me loopy! I had some light bleeding a few days after transfer and took a couple more days off to rest because I was petrified we were losing it again, but went back to work when the bleeding stopped. I think it just depends on whatever makes you most relaxed and happy. For me, spending the 2ww doing nothing was just too stressful! And remember, if you do go back to work, you can always go off again if it is too much. Good luck! Xx

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Thanks MonkAK, that's really helpful. Good luck and all the best to you too x

I agree with MonkAK! I had the full 2 weeks off for fresh transfer and it drove me insane! Far worse than I ever thought it would. I could not rest as my mind was constantly thinking of every outcome, I was constantly on google and started testing from day 5 (bad mistake)! That round ended in a chemical miscarriage and I felt like I was not in control of myself fully. Hopefully I'll be ok to go with a FET next month after having a few issues with cysts but this time I'm going to take 2days off then return to work (I have a desk job) and will not test till otd. I think testing early is what drove me mad as well as sat doing nothing. I've read quite a bit of research to say rest for a couple of days, then return to life as normal and do light exercise, so that's what I plan and hopefully it will be much better for me all round! Good luck x

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Baby2016, all the best for your next round and thanks too x

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