Time off work with IVF?

Evening everyone!

We have been referred for ivf and there's no waiting list at the clinic we choose so hopefully will be going through pretty soon.

My one question is do you get signed off work whilst your undergoing the first part like the injections / egg retrieval etc? I suffer quite bad with anxiety and I'm worried about running around back and forth to the clinic and doing a full days work and if the mess give me side effects, any previous experience would be appreciated! Thank you xxxx

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  • Hi. I think everyone deals with it differently to be honest. It sort of depends on your job really too. I don't tell work. I'm a teacher and I just say I have hospital appointments. I try to work them round lunch breaks or first thing in the morning. I won't tell them as I don't feel my boss will keep it confidential. Not because she's malicious or anything, more that she'll consider it not necessary to be confidential and may use it to comfort other people in the future. My hubby and I have decided not to tell anyone though - even our families don't know because it's just extra pressure for us. They love us very much and would just want it to work and they don't really understand the low percentages of success. So we feel we'd be carrying their upset as well which is too much. Thankfully my mother is already a grandmother but my hubby's side are not. We feel bad for them especially my mil. Anyway, I digress. I think you're best to think about the relationship you have at work. There are benefits of telling them. E.g. They have a duty of care towards you straight after egg transfer because you are considered pregnant. I'm sure some of the other ladies will have advice too. Good luck with your journey. xxx

  • I work for the NHS and will be starting my first round soon and my clinic is a 100 mile round trip. I've been told I'll have to use annual leave for all my appointments - but for egg collection I'll take sick leave as that's surgery, hopefully I'll be able to take sick leave for embryo transfer too even though it's apparently only like a smear?! I'll have to just wait and see what I can use sick leave for - if the meds made me feel too ill for work then I'd phone in sick. I've been saving my annual leave like crazy since the new allowance started in April. Everyone is booking holidays and time off but I'm not - just hoping they'll allow me to actually take annual leave at short notice when I need it even though I'll have work booked in with patients to do. It's going to be a nightmare getting cover when we are already short staffed but when someone is off we still pull together somehow and get through it. I've told my boss everything - all the ins and outs - so she knows what to expect and the time off I'll need. She's told me that although I'll have to use annual leave, to try and not worry and we will sort things out nearer the time when we know what's happening. Several colleagues know I'll be needing ivf too. It's a nice supportive female team and I get on well with my colleagues and I feel better when I am open and talk to people than trying to hide my emotions. You will need to look into your work's policies - there is no ivf policy sadly where I work. Good luck! X

  • Hi I did the long protocol and did my injections at night (11pm) so I could sleep off most of the side effects (didn't get many really just bloating and odd bad heads/tiredness) had to add an injection at 6pm so mentioned to work that I would need a private room for 20 min (I work 2-10) for medical reasons, only my manager knew so I didn't have to explain to any other manager that made it loads easier to have someone to go to if any issues. Self certed the week of egg collection and then gp signed me off for 7 weeks under fertility treatment as said I was high risk better to not take any chances. Everyone is different tho you just have to do what feels right for you x

  • Thank you ladies for your comments, I've found being open with the ivf has helped me cope better, a few ladies at work know and the lady manager also she has been through it several times herself and she's said you will need the time of if you have a short portacol but no sure if she meant the doctors would sign off or not as I have hardly any annual leave left! Will just have to wait and see, thanks again! Xc

  • Hi, I've just had my first round and I agree with what the others say depends where you work.

    I work for the police and there's a protocol in place. This might be the same where you work just check with HR. We get 2 days off for the whole process which is bonkers!

    My boss was very understanding and allowed me to go to appointments without taking time off. It was the same for the egg collection. After embryo transfer however I was classed as pregnant so when it didn't work I had a week off and was given pregnancy related sick leave.

    Hope this helps and good luck with it all 😘 xx

  • I think once you've had ET you are legally counted as pregnant whether it works or not for a number of weeks but I can't remember how many? X

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