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I don’t know what to do next... Last year I was living with the dreams of a child ... like all measure the basal temperature, crying upon the occurrence of menstruation, prayed for the baby. For a long time I was running the hospitals, handed over analyzes on hormones, did ultrasound from the best specialists of the city ... and that words killed me "urgent to diagnostic laparoscopy," there were some formations in the ovaries ... I've been crying, but went into operation with the thoughts that will remove endometriosis (the doctors thought)! And after that I will get pregnant and become the best mom in the world! Waste from anesthesia hard, has severe vomiting, a bunch of pricks! The doctor said that he will wait for histology, didn’t say anything more, and I thought it was all over! How wrong I was !!! I was discharged in 6 days! On the 7th day I came to the hospital and the doctor said that I have a tumor and get the direction to the Oncology Center. But I believed once I would have a baby. The operation was assigned in 9 days. I was terrified, but fought for their baby! All these 9 days (just the holidays) I handed over analyzes, while others rested in the New Year holidays! The operation went good but I departed from the anesthesia even more difficult, I couldn’t recover over 2 days. The doctor didn’t say any words. The histology came in 2 weeks and a bunch of doctors called me to talk. I was hoping to have a baby I didn’t think about bad things. They said they have to remove both ovaries and uterus, malignant tumor was turning into cancer. That was a collapse of my word, deep depression. Doctors gave me a medicine to calm me down because I couldn’t control myself. I wanted to die, I understood that I would never have a baby, that’s was awful. All my dreams about happy family broke down at one moment. I was appointed 6 cycles of chemo , I was a cancer stage 3, I’ve had 4 cycles and I’m done. I’m feeling right now very good and even thinking about motherhood. My husband supports me and he offers for a surrogacy I think that will be a good option for us. I would be grateful if someone can advise me good clinic with affordable conditions. Thank you.

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  • I'm so sorry to hear your story but how strong you are to recover and be considering your next options. I don't know where you're based as many people here are in the UK. I do know that the fertility friends forum has boards on surrogacy. You should check them out but I think they mainly use Ukraine for surrogacy. Good luck!

  • Thank you very much for your support. Ukraine? You mean Europe? I've never think about it, thank you. Thank you

  • Wow you on strong cookie. Im keeping u in in my prayers and all the ladies in the world that are going through what we all are.xxbest wishes.

  • Probably I am, thank you for your words. I hope everything will be ok in my life, I'm hoping at least

  • hello lainnie33! i'm very sorry about everything you have to go through. I know it's not that easy to accept the truth you can't bear a child or you can't have baby genetically related to you. Although I haven't a cancer, surrogacy was my only option besides adoption of course. Now I have a child thanks to fertilty clinic. Now I'm looking for another clinic maybe somewhere else in Europe. My first experience was in Moscow, although it was successful, I don't want to go there again. there is a list of things I didn't like about my clinic and the city in general. Here I created a thread to find out about different clinics in Europe and I was advised to pay attention on Ukrainian clinics as they usually have wider range of services and they're cheaper.

    If you have any information about any good clinics you were advised, please share xx

  • Thank you, yes, I've read a lot about different clinics but I don't know what to choose. I also read about Europe and there lots of good clinics. You said yiur first try was inn Moscow, why you didn't like it if it was successful? What's happened there?

  • oh, european countries have the cheapest surrogacy programs in comparison to USA and Canada, where it is legal. It was successful and I appreciate it but still if I have a right to choose i wouldn't go there again. you know, there were some small disappointing details but they made the entire stay unpleasant...our first appointment was postponed without notification in time and we were waiting for 3 hours, then we had to anew test results which were fresh-made, it's nonsense. Total sum, with hotels, food, tickets and transport was much bigger than we expected. On the streets there are like billions of people, we got lost in their subway and decided to take a taxi but huge traffic jams made us regret it. when we decided to eat at a cafe, waiters didn't know english and they didn't have menus in other languages, only russian, although it was in the city center...all in all it was not a nice trip, besides the fact we got a baby.

  • The one good thing that you got a baby but why didn't tell the truth. Of course to make more money, Gosh, they shoul be ashamed for it.

    Sorry that you experienced that nightmare, hope in another country you will heve better treatment. Don't upset.

    One more, it was their obligation to warn you about such situation or I don't know what to say

    It's just horrible

  • sorry if my question will be stupid but how you define that clinic in ukraine will be approprite for you? did you visit this country before or what? because i was looking for european one but still not sure???

  • Thank you, that's great . I'll look thougt it, maybe I'll find something important for us

  • I'm so sorry about your story. You are a very brave woman! I can recommend Intersono IVF clinic in Ukraine If you are looking for Surrogacy - that is right clinic,in Ukraine surrogacy is legal and they have 15 years expirience with this. they have 150 surrogate mothers to choose. My sister was their client. She had uterine malignancy. Her son 3 years now. The best proof, right? :) Нou will succeed!

  • oh, that's great. I so happy for her but I didn't look for that clinic, I will look onto this

    thank you very much

  • hi dear i have the same problem. i was advised one clinic in europe and i'm a bit scared. i don't know what to expect from that people? i see you also were advised to try in ukraine? did you googled something aout it?

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