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Pre-Treatment Scan & Bloods done - yay!

Hi everyone,

Quick Summary:-

(I am a 29 single, needle phobic woman from Northants, about to embark on IVF with donor sperm from CARE + egg share)

Just thought I'd give you an update...

I had my pre-treatment scan this morning & my bloods. I would like to try the egg share option to help other lovely ladies fulfil their dreams like myself!!

As I have a needle phobia, they kindly arranged for them to do the internal pre-treatment scan first, then that would enable them to see on the scan if the egg sharing option was possible for me, then do all my bloods in one! Yay! So all screening was done today!

I'm so chuffed! ........ I did it!! 💉

I wasn't in a very good state with the blood test environment, but I looked away, closed my eyes & I got there!

The traffic to Northampton CARE was absolutely awful! My appt was 8.15am, me & my Mum got there @ 8.50am!! I did call on my way though & they said to still come over & that others had been late too which made me feel better! Traffic was nose to tail! They got me in straight away once I arrived which was excellent, I had no time to sit & think about the blood test. Result!!

The internal scan was a doddle. All looks healthy which is excellent news. So weird knowing they checked my ovaries one by one, the lady told me when she was checking each one. I didn't look at the scan as I didn't want to feel funny (needle phobia is medically involved also) but I wish I did now!

Egg sharing is all good from it. 😀 I now have the paperwork to write my goodwill message for any child born as a result of using my eggs & also my pen portrait to write for anyone needing those eggs.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to include in this?

The blood test results take 3 weeks to come back. I have made an appointment with the Doctor on Fri 13th Jan to discuss the next steps. It's a while to wait but I've got the worst bit over with 💉... I'm told hopefully there isn't any more bloods until the end now. 😬

I'll also have a counselling appointment after I see the doctor in Jan. I don't think I specifically need this, as needles aside, I'm feeling very positive, but I'm also looking forward to having a chat, I'm sure there are some things I haven't taken into account that I can be made sure of. :)

The lady said it's the scans that I'll have quite a few off and really that was nothing at all to worry about. Even easier than a smear I thought!

The blood test was yuk though. She had to do both arms as she done something a little bit wrong with the first one. I don't envy the poor lady though, having me as a patient, she did great!

However, I had something I've never experienced before though... I couldn't talk properly, like my speech was slurred. And my fingers on both hands were stuck in a weird position that I couldn't move them. I also had some pins & needles up my arms. I did have a bottle of Coke in my bag for sugar but I couldn't hold it to drink until I was normal again. It did ware off back to normal once I managed to relax a bit.

Has anyone else had any of these symptoms? I'm not worried as I was soon back to normal but just intrigued.. I've not had many needles apart from the school ones & 2 blood tests years ago but have never faced those symptoms. I've passed out (lots) but nothing like that..

From a needle phobic, I am feeling very chuft right now!!!! :) :)

I'm super excited to see what the New Year brings!

The staff so far at CARE Northampton have been excellent, I can't recommend them enough. If there is anyone in two minds, definitely book a Consultation & see for yourself!

I've read lots of information online on IVF (I'm sure we all have) This is also a great site for info and to follow people's stories.

However, can anyone recommend any books? I'd like to read about it in factual detail. I'd also love it if there were any books out there about people's journeys & specific donor sperm use...

If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be much appreciated!

As always, I'd love to keep in touch with anyone in a similar situation to myself... Feel free to send me a message anytime...

Claire xx

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Welcome...and well done on being brave....Great news you doing egg sharing and helping others....I'm single doing this journey with sperm donation, sadly my 4 attempts at IVF I have had 2 BFN and 2 miscarriages as they feel my eggs are getting old now and quality letting me down..just turned 40 and I'm looking in new year at egg donation in Greece...wishing you all the best and you will find this site helpful and a great support...loads of love xxx

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Thankyou very much! This site is brill! I'm so sorry to hear you haven't had your BFP yet, how frustrating! Don't give up, this time could be the one!! Sending you lots of good luck for you treatment in Greece! :) xx

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Hi Willowbrook2008. Just a quick reply to your lengthy, informative post. Do see the counsellor in January, as she will be able to discuss what to put in your “pen portrait”. Lovely that you are willing to help others by sharing your eggs. When doing your own injections, try letting an ice cube melt on the spot before injection, as this helps to numb the area. Regarding books, do have a look at our selection on our website fertilitynetworkuk.org and also Donor Conception Network. Good luck with it all! Diane

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That's great help, thanks Diane.

Sorry for the long post, I was just extremely excited yesterday! Lol! X


No probs! Good luck! Diane


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