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Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused regarding how far along I actually am........ I had my egg retrieval was on 4th October and put back on 6th October but someone told me that were always two weeks ahead, I was told to check on the IVF due date calendar which I did in saying I am six weeks and four days???? which I think is right because

They said I'll have a scan at seven weeks and my scan is on 12th November but it's still a bit confusing. Can anyone shed any light. Also I'm feeling really nervous I'm just hoping everything is alright really anxiousxxxxxx

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  • Hi Belle, as far as i know you calculate your weeks from the date of your last period, i am currently 5 weeks and 3 days, however my scan is.booked in week six on Monday the 10th. I am also feeling very nervous i hope everything goes well, wish you best of luck and take care xxx

  • Thank you and I hope everything goes well with you to take care will get through this. Xxxx

  • Hi, I had the same confusion. Whatever date your egg collection was (and technically fertilisation) count back two weeks. Simples!

    Don't ask me why they do it because with IVF you know the exact date of conception - it's just something they use as a general rule.

    I'm still sceptical about my due date and fully expecting to be 2 weeks late! Ha ha!

    Relax, you've just achieved something huge. Enjoy each day :-) x

  • Wow thank you . I know it's a big achievement and such a big hurdle the whole process of being so emotional. I think I'll feel much better after my scan I can start to enjoy everything I can't wait to be a mum. Xxxxxxxx

  • Yes belle its two weeks you count from your egg collection date .im 11weeks today and still so nervous cant wait to be 14 weeks and tell everyone.im sure you will be fine its only natural for us to worry :-)


  • Thanks a lot. I'm glad to hear you're not telling anyone until 14 weeks because I wanted to break the news for my nieces birthday on 20 th December but now I'm thinking I'll just wait that few days longer and break the news at Christmas Great present for everyone....... how wonderful. I think I will be working it out 13 weeks. xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Belle-7. I know it is always confusing trying to work out how far you are with your pregnancy after IVF/ICSI treatment. However, I was always taught that you calculated the weeks from embryo transfer, when it is assumed that you are already two weeks pregnant. Hope this helps with your calculations, as it does tie in with your due scan date for the 12th November (7/40wks). Hope that helps and all the best with your ongoing pregnancy. Diane

  • Yes it's helped a lot thank you Diane . Xxxxx

  • If it was a natural pregnancy your dates would be calculated from the first day of your last period. Because that doesn't fit when we have fertility treatment and ovulation would be half way ish between periods it's calculated from 2 weeks before your treatment. You'll probably be given a different date again at you 12 week scan and that is the date they'll go by firm the rest of your pregnancy. At my 12 week scan they said I was a week further on, which clearly I couldn't have been because we knew exactly the timings. The lady doing the scan just couldn't get her head round the fertility treatment thing and assured me she was right, lol!!!!x

  • Wow it really is hard to work out. Than you for sharing your story with me. Xxxx

  • Hello belle7. Me and hubby worked it out for us last night. You use your transfer date not your not last period date which is what they do if conceived naturally. So for us it's going to be the Middle of July when baby is due of course if baby says so. Good luck hun with your pregnancy. ️Xxx

  • Ohhh how great. That's nice To know I'll have a go with that. Hope it all goes well with you. X Xxxx

  • I think its very confusing, transfer dates vary as to whether its a 2/3/5 day transfer. I thought it was collection day. However I had my 12 week scan last week and like katm123 I had gained 6 days!! However its further along then in my head. They said at the hospital that's the day they go off now but its only a guide. As far as I understand you can be 2 weeks either side anyway..

  • Hurry there thanks for your reply, God so I could be five weeks or seven weeks ? what difference it's got to be seven wks because i have started to feel sick in the morning haven't actually been sick but felt really off. and I've got Norsire coming and going all day long been really off my food................I think that's early for five weeks lol oh well I'll see what they say on Wednesday. Xxx

  • Hi I was lucky I didn't get any symptoms except feeling tired but I think some get the sickness early on. I think she meant you could deliver 2 weeks either side (ish) of your due date so I think the 12 week dating scan is only a guide. I have had some period type pains which are odd almost a little bit like sharp cramps but they say that is your uterus stretching - its hard not to worry though when you don't know what to expect isn't it

  • Absolutely I worry sick. It's been 4 hard years of trying and another year of investigation s then months of ivf treatments. But all worth it. I can't wait to be a mommy. It's been i long journey that's paid off , so yea I am a wreck lol lol

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