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Not feeling positive


Hi everyone

Well after my negative wobble last week I had embryo transfer on wed it wasn't looking good but then wed morning the clinic called and said the one remaining embryo had devided up more had started compacting and was on its way to being a blastocyst

They said it wasn't the best quality but it's all we had and it had hung on so fingers crossed.

I know it's early days but I feel like it hasn't worked I have no symptoms at all

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Hi Natalie! That's so great to hear that they were able to transfer one. I'm like you that I have an embryo on board but don't have any left to freeze. I don't feel much symptoms either just had ovary pain for a few days after transfer. I wish it works out for both of us xx

Natalie28 in reply to NDE1987

I hope it does too I was so convinced it was game over last week then I allowed myself to feel abit positive now I'm back to feeling it's over

Have u tested to see if the trigger shot has left your system yet? X

NDE1987 in reply to Natalie28

No my husband and I have said well start testing from next Friday! But I just feel like a loser for thinking it may work :( I really want it to. X

NDE1987 in reply to Natalie28

Have you started testing it everyday? Xx

I did and they looked negative but yesterday looked like the faintest line was there I knew it was too early for it to be real and they was internet cheapies can't really trust them so went and got some first response to check and it was negative

Clinic have said my test date is 6 Dec they must be having a laugh I'm due on 3 Dec and I had egg collection 18 Nov there's no way I'm waiting till then x

NDE1987 in reply to Natalie28

Mine is the 5th December!! Exactly 2 weeks until after transfer. But I think I will start testing from next Friday to get used to disappointment as I am due to go back to work on the 5th. I have no idea what my period date is meant to be as I down rregulated for 4 weeks!. I think both of us should stick to our test date lol. X

I hope and pray all Works out Natalie....

Thanks sanj and I don't get why though it's 2 weeks from transfer I thought it would be 2 weeks from egg collection x

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