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any tips??

Hi all! Do you have any tips what to do or not to do after the ET?? I know that for the first 3 months you will have to restrain from having sex, eating junk food, drinking too much soda and coffee (I may be wrong) but that’s basically it. Maybe some of you who have been through ivf pregnancy could advise me on it? Thanks

Ps I am undergoing endometrium stimulation for double donor ivf treatment. The ET is in one week so I have already started the preparations. Haha.

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Just take it easy for a couple of days. No heavy lifting or housework and eat and drink as if pregnant, ie. limit caffeine, no booze, no soft cheeses, raw eggs etc. You certainly don't have to stop having sex in the first few months and junk food and carbonated drinks in moderation are fine.

I ate pineapple core and brazil nuts for the few days around ET to aid implantation.

Good luck. x


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