Any tips for injecting?

This isn't my first IVF round... When it comes to injecting I can only describe my injecting experience as a walk in a meadow on a warm sunny day.

In comparison this round... I'm 7 injections in and already my tummy looks bruised and battered. There are red blemishes and deep purple and brown bruises coupled with tender tummy muscles which I think is normal anyway. I'm really struggling to get the needle in.

In order to improve the needle going in I've tried:

1. Not squeezing my skin so tight so it isn't hard

2. Massaging the area a little before

3. Taking a deep breath and telling myself to get a grip

4. Putting the needle at a 45 degree angle instead of 90.

Tonight after trying all those combined it still hurt, maybe not as much, but I bled quite a bit and then bruise is here already. I've watched videos and I'm not doing it any different.

Any tips greatly received!

Em x

Ps: while I'm here...Any tips for grumpy tearful moods also helpful. πŸ˜‚

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  • Have you tried icing the area first?

  • Nope. But my husband did just ask if you meant icing as in icing a cake. Which I thought was a brilliant suggestion if it was! ;-)

    I should try that. I think I thought it wouldn't come to that. But I've got 25 injections to go! x

  • Lol. Men. They are silly x

  • Seriously though give ice a try, I couldn't have gotten through injections without it x

  • I like tried and tested advice! :) x

  • I did that - really helped!

  • I also second the ice! I did that through both my first & now this second round just for 5-10 mins before I injected and I could hardly feel a thing, fingers crossed that will help xx

  • Excellent! Thank you! x

  • On the tearful grumpy moods, since you've already married him just sit him down and tell him to knock it off for the next few weeks till you get through this....;-)

  • I think he got the message at bedtime. You know, when I wanted a cuddle but he was too close and breathing too loudly... πŸ˜‚ :( x

  • Lol I'm glad I'm not the only one irrated by husbands breathing lol on my last round we had gone to cinema and all I could hear was him breathing next to me all the way through the film on the way home in the car he got told can't u just stop breathing it's annoying me it's so loud πŸ˜‚ .

    Poor hubby good job we can laugh at these things now .

    Good luck x

  • I told him... we're married now... you're stuck with these mood swings! x

  • Ha ha sorry I hope your injections are getting easier but this about the breathing made me laugh cause my sister is terrible for this and she thinks she's weird, it was only yesterday I told her it's actually a disorder called misophonia πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» xx

  • Brilliant!

  • I know exactly. My husband is currently snoring away whilst I'm unable to sleep. If he rolls over and I start getting morning breath bring blown at me he's being jabbed in the ribs and being sent to the spare room.

    I see you are also up at at a crazy time in the night. I've had restless nights ever since DR which seems a long time ago! The cat jumped up on me tonight and I'm sandwiched between the two snorers and can't sleep grrrr

  • I'm also awake at silly o clock. It's the night sweats. And tiredness definitely doesn't help my mood!

    When I went on my refresher injection training, they reminded me to let go of the pinch once the needle was in, which has helped as then I can use the other hand to steady the needle. I had forgotten this! 90 degrees is definitely better as then the point goes in first, and pushing the liquid through very slowly helps too.

    I find that sucking a sherbet lemon whilst doing it helps me be brave enough to put the needle in... somehow having another strong sensory experience at the same time helps. But I still have to sometimes move the needle after first try... some bits of my stomach are more sensitive than others!

    Finally, have you thought about trying your thigh instead? My clinic says this is a better place (but it doesn't suit me).

    I posted on exactly this subject a few days ago but I'm pleased to report I'm on day 12 now and not finding it so bad to inject.

  • I'm so glad someone else is suffering night sweats too! It's awful!

    It's more the needle breaking the skin... once it's in I have no pain; just can't feel it. Maybe everywhere on my belly is sensitive. On account of it being a moody sod too! x

  • Try sucking a sweet! Honestly it might surprise you x

  • Ps got back to sleep around 5:30am only to dream about being woken up!

  • nice work!

  • I also had a cat! Yep struggled to sleep. Heavy period pains, night sweats, strange dreams... sometimes it's hard to remember why I'm doing this at 3am unpacked to sleep. Feel better this morning though xx

  • I stick my finger nail in my skin first to make the pain then put the needle in the same place. Or I use my thigh if tummy gets too bad. I got tiny needles which are fine but they never give me enough so I have to get more from my clinic and they only stock bigger ones I struggle with these and that's usually when I switch to my thigh . I used to pass out when having my blood tests so god knows how I'm managing these. I'm

    On day 4 not looking forward to these little needles running out 😩 X

  • I think you should be able to get more tiny needles from somewhere... what about a pharmacy or your gp surgery?

  • That's crazy! I have got too many!

  • Maybe il check x

  • I found that using an ice pack to numb the area on the top of my thigh then pintching it gently was the best way. I also discovered that if i aimed the needle at 90 degrees and looked away when injecting really helped me. It's a psychological thing with me! Also, i first started off trying the tummy and then the sides of thighs, but discovered that my clinic was right when they said those areas were more sensitive than the thighs :-/ good luck!! X

  • I do wonder if it is psychological.... looking away might help... :) x

  • I second the ice pack! An ice cube will melt to quickly X

  • My husband kindly reminded me this morning that I went slightly crazy at the start and for the first few days of DR, he said crazy crazy can't talk to you crazy. We did get to the point where I could have an outburst of pure rage and then two minutes later cry about it and apologize to him where the coffee word became drugs.

    Of course I only have his word for this as I don't remember this account of the events :-)

    Ok doing this just cheered me up. Listen to s club seven don't stop moving and reach. A bit of cheesy music always helps. I'm adding these to my ivf playlist.

  • Blimey.... you've put some effort in to this... and IVF playlist?! Wow! x

  • Needed it to keep the spirits high and to stay positive. We had a thread that has since disappeared into the many threads.

    Can't remember them all of by heart, I know Donna Summer hot stuff is on there (hot flashes and night sweats!), edge of glory lady gaga, eye of the tiger, stronger kelly Clarkson, roar Katie Perry and others. always looking for additions :-)

  • LOVE THIS! x

  • I used a bag of peas each time and that really helped!! X

  • Haven't started my injections yet but wanted to say I'm sorry you're struggling so much this time. Hope all the tips below help a little. X

    I'm making note of them all ready for next week!

  • Awww MrsB76 dont you be sorry for me! I'll be ok; don't let this worry you! xx

  • How are they going? Getting any easier?

  • Finally getting easier! Thanks for asking! Sounds a bit silly but I think I was trying to be too gentle putting in the needle. My tummy is covered in patchy bruises and little blood blisters. But I'm getting there. It's my scan tomorrow so hoping to ask for some tips :) how's you? x

  • Oh that's good to hear, although not so good for your poor tummy!

    Good luck with the scan tomorrow. Hope all goes well. I'm currently sat in a sauna of a waiting room waiting for my first scan and will hopefully get shown how to start stims tonight if all is as expected with the scan.

  • Oooo exciting! How you feeling? I assume mine is to make sure my lining is nice and thin. x

  • I have no idea what mine is to check tbh, will find out soon hopefully (just bored now been here 80 mins already!)

  • 80 minutes?! What's going on?! Easter bargains on scans?!

  • The waiting room was full, standing room only when we arrived. We're now the only two here. Politely asked whether they had forgotten us as people who arrived 45 mins after us have been and gone but apparently not, we're on a different list! Hoping this is a one off or juggling scans on work days could get tricky!!

  • Oh goodness. That's like what it was like at my clinic once. It's hard juggling with work too! Let me know how you get on xx

  • Got there in the end thanks. All sorted and start stims on Wednesday. Next scan on Monday. X

  • Good to hear :) Good luck with those stims! xx

  • You'll be ok Mrs! It is harder some days than others but it's all in a good cause...

  • Lizzie is right... completely worth it! x

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