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Struggling bad today

Hi all,

Weather matches my mood! I am struggling terribly today with the 2ww. Had ET Monday gone. Had a little cry aswell.

I am a positive person but this is breaking me up inside. I should not be left alone to think lol!!! I also need to stop googling as that it's not helping and symptom spotting.

God it be useful to have mandatory counselling before this bit!!!!

Hope you all are doing ok xxx

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Hey Allie, easier said then done I know but you have to remain positive, just think you will become a mother to a beautiful child soon.

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Thank you I am trying x

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Is the 2WW started from EC or ET? I've been trying to find this out! Xx


Its from ET x


just think about positive and happy things, about something that makes you the happiest person in the whole world and try not to think about anything bad, I know those mood changes are horrible but I am sure you can overcome those, esp when you get 2 fat lines on your test! xx

PS i know how freaking hard it is to not think about anything bad, because those thoughts overwhelm you and you feel like you can't escape but you can. i am now looking for an option suitable for me, the fertility option to be more precise, but even though I am pretty sure that in my 57 I don't have a lot of chances I still believe that it is not the end.


Hi allieb21. Weather is rotten in the Midlands too - soooooo miserable! Put that computer away and watch some daytime rubbish on TV if you're at home. I do agree about the counselling, but I'm sure the girlies here will prop you up. Hope all ends well for you. Diane


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