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I'm only 2dp2dt but have had very mild abdo cramps and lower back pain since transfer. Just wondered whether anyone else has had the same so early on. I know its far too early for implantation and so I guess I can blame the progesterone.

I didn't have the same symptoms after the last cycle. After EC I was really bloated and uncomfortable from having 20 follicles and then after my ET a couple months later I didn't really feel anything.

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  • You can look online the stages on a 2dt I did with my 5dt I had mild cramps on and off through my wait with a pos result . Rest up take it easy X

  • Yeah, I just figured it was my body's way of telling me to rest which I'm not good at.

    I've looked up the stages and I know implantation wouldn't be for a couple of days yet. I got bleeding and some sharp groin pains last time around implantation when I got pregnant with a 5dt but nothing this early on.

  • Try not to panic ( easier said than done) have you got time off work? You could do lots of Xmas shopping online lol no baths just showers lol I had my showers Luke warm as I didn't want my temp to go up . Cut right down on caffeine . Meet with friends for lunch and use it as chilling time X

  • Had last week off but back at work on Monday which can be quite stressful. Hard to meet with friends and family since I'm in New Zealand and they're in the UK!

    Doing all the eating for pregnancy stuff.

    Found the 2ww easy last time. I found the waiting for the 7 week scan much harder.

  • Hi Mantaray75. Hope you've settled back into work OK today. Just read your post, and thought that you have to realise that you have lots of poking and pulling about done when you go through IVF and egg collection etc. Your ovaries can remain a bit active for a while afterwards too, which could account for some of the twinges. Hopefully all will settle down soon. Keep busy, drink lots of water, and I do hope that all works out positive for you. Diane

  • Thanks for your response. Yes, things did settle down. Last time I had to do a freeze all so could separate out the symptoms after EC before I had transfer.

  • Hi Mantaray75. Have a fab birthday - it's mine on Sunday! Will be thinking of you on test day and good luck! Diane

  • Hi Mantaray I'm not sure why but I've only just seen your post, I am also in the 2ww of a 2dt. I had my transfer last Friday so I think I'm only 1day behind you? Hope you're feeling ok and it's not going too slow for you.

    Wishing you so much luck, you've really been through it this year and deserve a happy ending. When is your test date? Xx

  • Thanks for your message.

    Its going much slower than last time. Still getting odd aches and pains and my boobs are killing me - damn progesterone.

    Had implantation bleed last time but trying not to compare it too much as obviously that pregnancy didn't work out in the end.

    We're going away for the weekend to distract ourselves ready for test date on my birthday on Monday - aargh.

    How you feeling?


  • I've been more chilled than previous 2ww until today but my resolve is slipping 😳 My OTD isn't till next Thursday. I've also been getting aches & twinges, sore boobs also and headache but all of this can be put down to the progesterone like you say so I'm not reading into it too much.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and can switch off from it for a minute or two! I joke because I know it'll be on your mind such a lot when your test date is so close. I really hope it's the best birthday present ever πŸ™πŸ» Xx

  • I had my 2 day transfer yesterday and woke up last night with horrific back pain and this morning I've had really really bad period style cramping xx

  • If it doesn't settle with paracetamol and rest then you probably need to get checked out. That said I had lower back pain and abdo cramps for several days after ET. It was obviously pain left over from EC but because I had a freeze all last time I couldn't compare it to that cycle.

    Its all settled down now with just odd cramps and aches which are likely due to the progesterone. No spotting like I had last time which I now know was implantation bleeding.

    Test day Monday - aargh.


  • Yeh I'm going to phone the clinic for advice tomorrow as I'm waking up every night with excruciating back pain and I feel horrific. I went to the toilet the other night and nearly passed out - I'm getting so dizzy and nauseous. Not sure if it's the progesterone or the Metformin so I'm hoping they tell me to stop the Metformin to see if it helps. Good luck for test day!!! X

  • Hi manteray how is your 2ww going? Anything exciting happening? Xxxx

  • A few cramps and odd nausea but I blame 2ww nerves and progesterone. No implantation bleed this time around so even though last time it freaked me out, this time I'm worried that I don't have any spotting! OTD tomorrow and not gonna test early cos it was only a 2 day transfer so don't want any false results to completely do my head in. X

  • Well done for remaining so level headed, I hope it's your time and you see a rainbow at the end of it 😊 πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸ€

  • On my previous cycle I got mild period like cramps early on that turned into more intense cramps a bit later and we got a BFP :) unfortunately I lost the baby before the first scan but I think cramps of any kind are good sign as your body is making room and doing what it needs to do. Good luck! Xxx

  • best of luck for your OTD. Keeping everything crossed for you xxx

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