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2ww 5 days to go and symptoms

I guys I have 5 days to until I test but have to say it's becoming a little more stressful this time round. I started very positive and happy until I started getting my symptoms. From my 1st cycle which I got a bfp I had alot of stretching twinges along with sensitive boobs. This time I have the following:

Literally day after I had weird twinges for 3 days but then the symptoms changed to feeling:



Gassy (sorry)

Bloating a little only

Breaking out



Mood swings

Very sensitive

Weird feelings below


Sore throat

The above are all the same symptoms I get when with AF so preparing for the negative result. But I gave heard the symptoms can be different with every cycle. But it's driving me a little crazy. i have kept quite busy which is good but literally as soon as I get in from an outing I nap.

Gosh god knows what the result will be but tempted to test early! Not sure?! So confused!

My frozen embryo transfer was 1st June.


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Hi Ticktack I'm also on the 2ww and I personally think this has been the worst bit. I have become a google queen despite promising myself that I would not be like this! Re symptoms I have also had most of them im not sure if it is the progesterone that gives

You some of those symptoms. What day transfer did you have? X


I do think you need to TRY not to think about your symptoms. A lot of them could be attributed to the drugs, hay fever, stress.. all manner of things. Obsessing about them will just increase your stress levels.

Try each morning to say 'ok today I will not think about or google my symptoms, and each time I do I will stop and go for a 5 minute walk'. It helped me!


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I absolutely agree with Katrina13- you need to try and stop reading into things. I don't think 2 weeks is long enough to get any symptoms. Your body's been thru a lot-rest and stay positive! Good luck!

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You ladies are absolutely right. I have to relax and not think about it. I transferred on 1st June, testing on 12th Jun. Feeling much better today! Positive and what will be will be. Meditating tonight!

Thank you and praying for us all!

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I haven't started my first cycle yet but the 2ww seems like the worst bit. I always tell my husband that I'm not impatient I just wait in a hurry!! However, I do agree that the drugs and hormones must result in a catalogue of symptoms. Do your best to wait and stay positive. Good luck xx


I test on Friday and could probably tick off most of your symptoms, plus those from your first round that was positive and a few more decides if it makes you feel any better. I have a feeling you just don't know and there is no point guessing. I figure the worry of an inconclusive test let alone any other result is simply not worth the stress. Wait it out with me and test on the day you should. We've had enough heartache getting this far, why add to the stress for the sack of knowing one or 2 days earlier? I've waited 6 years, a few more days won't make much difference! Hang in there, I've got my fingers crossed for us all at this stage this week.


Oh Thankyou so much. You are so right. Similar situation. Been married for 7 years trying for 6 and just been so hard. I will keep as busy as I can this week. Praying for us all and fingers crossed. Xxx


Good on you, well done. And see if you can be better than me and not be too hard on yourself for feeling guilty for not doing much/having a wobble/feeling tired of it all/feeling completely overwhelmed! And when you've worked out how not to do that you can share your secret with me! Do you test Friday too?


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