Definitely TMI but I'm overthinking in the 2WW.. so you will all understand :D

Sorry I have to ask but because this happened to me last time I wondered if anyone else experienced the same thing. Am in the 2WW on progesterone pessaries and today noticed that my stools have become very loose and floaty (don't easily flush). Last time I became pregnant, I had the same thing and I discovered I had become gluten intolerant (I'm not normally, but because of a thyroid condition I try to avoid it and dairy most of the time). Anyway, I had the same thing happen to me last time and I'm worried it means I'm going to miscarry (even if I do get a BFP at the end of the 2WW). Hate overthinking it! Maybe I'm a bit nervous and that has caused it? Argh... why does the 2WW have to be so awful! Good luck to anyone else enduring this anxious time after treatment.

2 embryos went back on day 4 and apparently they are good quality so fingers crossed.

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  • I've also had this experience with all 4 of my transfers it's not nice is it!! I think it's just a side effect of the pessaries. Currently at 12 weeks pregnant and all is going well. Also stopped the pessaries a couple of days ago which was great. Try not to over think but I know how hard that is xx

  • Oh I'm SO relieved someone else experienced this! I thought it was just me. I am hoping it is just a one off but I just remember how awful it was last time. Last time I got a BFP so maybe it is a good sign (hardly felt like a good sign this morning - ew!). Wonderful that you are at 12 weeks now - I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well X

  • Hi EmBlazes. Oh not nice! Usually stools that float are due to either some gastro--instestinal infection or mal-absorbsion of certain foods. It gets full of gas and that's why it floats. maybe you have your gluten intolerance problem back again?? Sometimes the progesterone can cause flatulance or diarrhoea (not floaty poos). If it keeps up you need to see your GP or stick to a gluten free diet if you already have been given one before. Hope all soon is sorted and it settles down again. Fingers crossed for you! Diane

  • Thanks Diane - quite possible I just ate something that didn't agree with me although I'm being super healthy/careful with my diet already. I will monitor the situation.

  • Hiya lovely hope you are ok!! I'm also going through my 2ww. I haven't noticed this symptom to be honest, but easier said than done please try not worry about it!!

    When do you test? Xxx

  • Hi EmJ - will be testing 25th May. Seems like an age away! Hope your 2WW passes quickly and worry free (well relatively anyway!). Good luck X

  • I had this as well; not nice at all! I just put it down to the pessaries to be honest and didn't worry too much about it (about the only thing I didn't worry about!) It didn't affect our BFP as we are currently 30 weeks pregnant 😬 Good luck x

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