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I'm sorry to moan but i need a little rant. This is my 5th cycle on 4th cycle I got to 5weeks 5days pregnant before I lost it. I'm lucky enough to have got a bfp this time round as well and am currently 5weeks I'm a little nervous as you can imagine I called the clinic to let them know my second positive test and she said she would book me for a scan. She booked the scan then said "it's just to make sure this pregnancy can continue and it's best if u bring someone with you so can u get your husband to come along" just made me more worried thEy way she spoke was like it's doomed before I even get started again..

Thanks for letting me moan x

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Oh Lotbot congratulations first of all! It must be so scary after the first time round and I know it must be impossible not to worry but please try to stay positive. I'm sure the lady on the phone won't have meant to make it sound that way but sometimes they don't get it quite right and leave us a bit upset. I think if your husband can go with you to see your little babas heart beating he should absolutely go anyway. Fingers crossed everything goes well for you, there is absolutely no reason why this won't be a healthy pregnancy. Sending lots of love, report back with details of your scan :) x x x

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Thank you, he was going with me anyways it's was the way she spoke like I it wasn't going to last or work and I needed support for when they say it's all gone wrong!!

Thank you, I will try and update. Hope your journey goes well also xx

Fingers crossed all is well this time and it was a case of poor telephone manner. You could always give feedback to your clinic about the way that piece of advice was given. Clearly it is good advice but perhaps they could adapt the script so people don't feel the way you did.

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Yeah it's just last time I booked the scan and they were a lot nicer about it, just put me on edge you know? I have always found there is one particular nurse that is horrible xx

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At our first clinic they were all lovely but at the second clinic I spoke to different nurses each time who seemed to have no idea who I was or what our treatment plan was. It is important to feel cared for emotionally as well as clinically and it's a shame that not all nurses or other health professionals can do both.

Good luck.

Congratulations darling. Sometimes the nurses do come across as insensitive. Sometimes they can also be patronising. I completely understand your rant. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy because you deserve it. Xx

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I think that nurse was very insensitive. I hope you are able to just focus on being pregnant and looking after yourself because as Sunny Skies says above you deserve it.

I think it might be worth giving your clinic feedback because they shouldn't be making you worry like that. The nurse we had at our consultation was not very warm or empathetic and was quite patronising so much so that I wondered whether I really wanted to go ahead with it. I am going to feed that back to the clinic and also hope that I get the other (very lovely) nurses when I have to back in for scans etc!

Best wishes to you for a healthy pregnancy xx

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