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So Im trying my 2nd and last IVF try with my own eggs before I turn 45!! Dealing with a clinic in Greece - the difference in how tailored the treatment plan is compared to UK so far is very impressive.

Had my baseline scan yesterday at a local place only 3 & 2 follicles but they said good to go so started meds last night.Another scan Monday, and if looking good, fly out Tues or Wed.

Bit scared as I know chances are very slim but just need to know Ive tried - just real now cos if this doesnt work thats the end of that. Theres no more what ifs ...x

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  • ah thank u for your kind words and good luck with your journey to!!x

  • Hi

    Just want to wish you good luck! would be lovely to hear how your treatment is going.


  • thanks hun, will keep updated x

  • Very best of luck to you xxx

  • Hi.

    Fingers crossed for you, i do hope you get that positive result, it would be an amazing Christmas present. If you don`t try you`d always be wondering. Stay positive and give all us older girls some good news that it actually can happen.

    I seem to have lost the will at the moment, bit of a bad few weeks, bereavement, illness, bad blood test results, everything just seems stacked against me at the moment. x

  • Thanks Hun.ive got everything crossed!

    I'm sorry u r having a bad time of it, that's not good!

    Sending u big hugs, hope things look up soon xxx

  • Wishing you all the best. Let me know how you get on. We are getting ready to fly out soon as well!!!! Take care

  • ooh when are you off again?

  • Travelling out 28th Nov and back 8th Dec!!

  • oooh keep in touch on how u r getting on x

  • Best of luck. Try and stay positive and please God all will work out for the best. Please keep us posted .

    Big hugs

  • thank u xxx

  • I'm not far behind you! Please let me know how you get on as I'm hoping to have another go (but using DE next year). I've gone back to basics with, first seeing the doctor and she wanted me to have some up to date tests (scan of my ovaries, another AMH, one to see if I'm still ovulating and one to check my hormone levels). I don't want to waste another £7000 if it hasn't a chance of working - I was given the name of a private hospital in Woking, Surrey.

    Good luck to you, I will be thinking of you. You have definitely tried so I wouldn't worry about that.

    Christina x

  • Ah thanks.good luck with yours to! Keep me posted x

  • Best of luck to you x I'm 42 and wondering to go again so everything crossed for you your clinic sounds great x

  • It's happening, soooo excited for u!!!!! 5 follicles could be 5 eggs, u never know! Sending lots and lots of positive vibes to u and ur follicles to grow big healthy eggs! Xxx

  • Best of luck to you. Sending lots of positive thoughts. Let us know how you get on. x

  • Good luck for your scan tomorrow xx

  • Thank u Hun x

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