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any advice greatfull

Hey all.

so i had EC on 19th October and had my period which stopped on the 4th November. this morning AF came again just wondering is this normal as ive tried to ring the clinic but i cannot get through. just wondered if anyone else had this as it has only been about a week since my last period.

before i started IVF i had not had a period since April 2015 so i had very irregular if non existant periods

any advice would be greatfull.

Thanks XX

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Hi Tigerlily01. Nothing like an IVF cycle for messing up your menstrual cycle! Hopefully, all should settle back down withing 3 months. However, the first bleed you had was for a long time, so if this one carries on like that one, you need to see your GP. You may need to have your cycle "kick started" back into a normal one again using medication. Fingers crossed that this one will be normal, then no need to worry. Diane


Thanks Diane, i will keep an eye on this one to see how long it lasts xx


Hi Tigerlily01. Good luck! Diane


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