I'm 37 with no children and have been trying for over 6 years for a baby. I have unexplained infertility. I have had three failed IUI and now this is our 2nd failed cycle of IVF. I had my egg collection last Tuesday unfortunately the only egg retrieved fertilized abnormally so was not suitable for transfer, since then I have had on and off period like pain. Does any one know if and when I should expect a period?

My last IVF I had 2 embryos transferred but unfortunately bled a week after so didn't even make the two week wait. I'm not sure what to expect as this time as I haven't even got to transfer stage.

I was given no advice as to what may happen. I have only spoken to embryologist since who was unsure.

Any advice appreciated

Many Thanks xx

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  • Hi fairrachel. Sorry to hear that your treatment has not been successful so far. Regarding your period, this can take up to 4 weeks to get back into its routine again, so try not to worry about it. The pains you have been experiencing could just be due to your ovaries remaining a bit “active” after being stimulated. Just make sure you drink plenty of water, and take some paracetamol if it becomes really uncomfortable. Should the pain worsen, then best to get your GP/clinic to check you over. Regarding further treatment, this would depend whether you are to have another “fresh” cycle. If you are, then it might be an idea to discuss having an “ICSI” cycle to ensure that a sperm is inside each egg, so that hopefully fertilisation does take place. Also, if you had a poor response to stimulation, then they may decide to increase the dosage of drugs, or even try a “short” protocol, so that you don’t have to fully down regulate – all worth asking about. Anyhow, whatever you do decide, I wish you the best of luck. Diane

  • Thanks for your reply

    I was on different meds and dosage this time to encourage more eggs but obviously this didn't work. Because of funding I have to wait six months to my next treatment, I was funded for 3. So I have time to think about my options. I am waiting for a follow up appointment to see what went wrong, I suffer from very bad periods where I am in bed for up to four days each month because I pass out with the pain so I just wanted an idea when i should expect it all to begin as I have to plan my life around it all, we were hoping to take a few days break before I have to return to back to work.

    Thanks for your advice.

    Rachel x

  • Hi Rachel. Just wondered whether you have been offered any treatment for your painful periods? Could be an ideal time to check on this while you are waiting to have another transfer/IVF? Diane

  • Hi Diane

    I've been offered contraception that help/the pill/coil and or hysterectomy both obviously I do not want as TTC. I've always had bad periods or dysmenorrhea and was on the pill for around 15 years before I stopped it to try for a baby. I take traneaxmic acid each month to help that's the only thing I have ever been offered which I can take. I think there is a link between my infertility and the periods but no one has ever suggested what it may be and dismiss the idea.


  • Hi Rachel. So sorry to hear that you have suffered from dysmenorrhoea for such a long time with no proper diagnosis. Tranexamic acid is a pretty standard form of treatment, so as long as it helps you, I can understand you not wanting to pursue other treatments. Just wondered whether it was due to endometriosis or possibly fibroids. However, if it persists, then perhaps it can be investigated further once you have had success with ICSI/IVF. Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

  • Hi Diane

    I had a laproscopy a few years back and it was only mentioned that I had Adenomyosis but not offered any treatment. They didn't feel it was linked to my fertility. I take the traneaxmic acid but I can't say it makes a huge difference unfortunately but its all I've been offered. No fibroids or endometriosis has been found. I would like treatment but I was told

    only a hysterectomy would treat me and have never been given any other alternative unfortunately.


  • I have to take Tranxemic acid as well. My clinic says not to use it at all before IVF as it slightly lowers fertility. As I respond badly to IVF drugs (unexplained), it was important not to take it. There are a few websites that talk quite clearly about adenmyosis and fertility. Also treatments that can help without impacting your fertility. Stay on your doctor. If you can get alternatives, that would be ideal. As soon as we are done in the baby department, I will take drastic measures. I hate being confined to the house completely for the first few days of each cycle and can't explain to clients why I suddenly have to rebook. I feel for you. Life shouldn't have to revolve around those days.

  • Thank you for your response. The hospital and my GP have told me it was fine to still take it just not to take ibrupohen for pain relief or melfanic acid for pain. (sorry for the spelling lol) I think for my next cycle I will stop taking it, although I dread to think how bad it will be without taking it. It's so confusing when different clinics say different things.

    I completely agree that if we are ever lucky enough to have a child I will also take drastic measures, I've seriously considered it already on a few occasions. Like you say every month having 3/4 days where you can't function and take time off work is know way to live. It all takes its toll the stress of managing your life around it that's without the pain!

    Where are you at with your fertility treatment? Have you been offered any other help for your periods?

    Thanks for the advice I will look more into the adenmyosis treatments. One thing I have learnt from all this is you have to find out alot of infomation and yourself. So I'm glad I found this forum.

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