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Progynova tablets, lubion injections and periods!


Hi Ladies. Hope your all doing well. Just a question, has anyone had period on schedule while taking progynova? I'm on 4 x 2mg per day and due on tomorrow. I've taken 2 tests and both negative. I'm going to struggle immensely if my period doesn't come tomorrow because my mind cannot rest although I know it hasn't worked for me this time without seeing some sort of blood (sorry if tmi). I've only had clear discharge and only for last 3/4 days. No spotting or bloody type discharge. It would be so cruel for my period not to come tomorrow because thats giving me false hope (I'm not meant to test until 14th but just know it's not worked, apart from occasional period pains and sore boobs - these has practally stopped - I think all other symptoms have been in my head). I'm ridiculously emotional and could do with some advice xxxxx

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Hi leah, just want to say that in my first cycle I had al test negative til the one day before the test day n I convinced myself that it didn't work but surprisingly I had got positive on the test don't take much stress till your test day..wish u good luck.

Thank you lovewinspain. I did take test in eve and it was day 8 so I will wait now until Monday. I will try not to stress out. Hope you are ok xxxx

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