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Feeling Unsure

Hi everyone, this is my first post but I hoped someone may be able to help.

I'm a bit of a strange case anyway because I have endometriosis and my hormones have been suppressed on letrozole for about 7 years which means I've never had a period in that long. My consultant referred us to IVF team and we are now starting the process but with very little clue which I guess a lot are with first cycle so I'm not sure if my brain is just working in over drive.

But here's the question, I've been on Menopur since Friday last week, had bloods taken on Wednesday to which they said to stay on the Menopur until Friday and then they will be evaluate if to start Cetrotide - is this normal? As they had originally hoped to start the cetrotide on Wednesday.

I'm back tomorrow and just longing for something positive. I asked her if she could tell me anything more on Wednesday and she just said the bloods are "starting to respond" -and are 844 (which means absolutely nothing to me).

My ovaries are aching and I feel bloated but no idea if this is all going in the right direction - which I guess so many others are in the same position xx

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Hello! What I understood from my doctor is that they only start you on cetrotide when the stimulation has reached the level when you are at risk of ovulating. For me the way they monitored this was the size of the follicles during the ultrasound. They started me on cetrotide when the largest one was around 15/16 in size about 5 days after the start of stim. It might be longer for you since your ovaries were "asleep" for a while? Did you also do an ultrasound or just the blood tests?


Hi thanks for the reply and that helps make sense a bit more. Just bloods at the moment with a scan potentially on Monday. Yes I guess that is the hardest thing trying to figure how much impact the sleeping ovaries have had. X


Don't give up hope! It seems things are moving in the right direction even if a bit slower than you originally expected


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