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FET transfer advice...unsure 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Hi all,

I over indulged massively leading up to and over the Christmas/New Year period. Eating all of the food and drinking all of the booze. I am now on the mega healthy mission, no booze included. We are going to have a FET cycle soon. Would you recommend waiting? Will my over indulgence at Christmas make a difference?

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When are you due to have your FET?

Hi there, It will either be end of Jan or end of Feb (up to me). When I say i've over indulged - probably only really as much as the next person but now that it is pending i'm getting worried. Do I just wait until Feb to be on the safe side? Or do I go for it at the end of Jan..? I will have 1 frostie left after this so want to do everything I can to give myself the best possible chance! x

It’s difficult Hun. After my chemical pregnancy in September I gave up booze. I had one drink at a Christmas Work meal but apart from that I’ve stayed clear. I think one month is enough for a detox but maybe better to wait until Feb. How old are you?

Yes it may be better to wait for peace of mind. I'm 34. Was pregnant with twins after a fresh single embryo transfer in June 17. Miscarried at 7 weeks. So had some time off. Had a few festive parties over christmas with family and friends. But now I'm very keen to get the ball rolling again.

This is a tough one but I’m not sure how much of a difference it would make. When I first began IVF I was my skinniest, went to the gym etc before my first cycle became pregnant and ended in MMC. By the end of the year I underwent my 4th cycle a few pounds heavier became pregnant and still ended the same way so I’m not sure weight has a massive part to play. Obviously you want to feel mentally ready which it sounds like you are and be eating healthy, I guess it depends when you are due to start and how long you are thinking of postponing. Good luck on what you decide Xx

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AllyBally000 in reply to E_05

Thank you for your reply that's really interesting. I think i'm getting nervous as it's pending so finding anything I can worry about.

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E_05 in reply to AllyBally000

Definitely that’s understandable and I wasn’t saying about my experiences to be negative guess I just meant I’m not sure there’s ever a ‘right’ time but if you feel mentally ready and are eating healthier now then go for it, wishing you lots of luck that this is your time x

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AllyBally000 in reply to E_05

You are so right there is never a 'right' time!

It’s such an individual decision and no one can make it for you!! But I do think that there’s never an ‘ideal’ time and I guess the anxiety of another cycle can make us feel like putting it off....nerves making us think we could be better prepared!

I’m also due to have a FET in Jan, will start cycle next weekend - I’ve definitely overindulged but no more than the next person at Xmas! I’ve decided to go ahead, but I don’t have time on my side (40 in Feb). Wishing you best of luck with whatever you decide!! xx

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AllyBally000 in reply to Leo2017

You are so right in everything you say! Thank you it's helped a lot. Good luck on your next cycle! xx

Hi there, I’m also preparing for my FET hopefully at the beginning of Feb. I’ve had a few drinks and eat a few chocs over the Xmas period.

In my mind, I really don’t think it will make a difference. I remember the fertility nurse saying to me that you need to live, what will be will be, just don’t do anything that you’ll regret.

At the end if the day, it’s your call. Good luck with everything xx

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AllyBally000 in reply to Lou7744

Hi Lou, thank you! I also remember the nurses saying this! I guess we can't let IVF take over our lives completely! xx

Hi Ally

I think if you feel fit and well then go for it. If you generally have a healthy lifestyle, a little overindulge shouldn’t make much difference . It can be such a long journey for a lot of women therefore you have to live your life too and not let the IVF take over. Most important thing is to minimise stress & enjoying yourself over Xmas should put you in a good frame of mind 😊x

Your words are exactly what I need to hear! Thank you so much. xx

I asked our Fertility GP the same thing as we are due to start treatment hopefully this month or early Feb and she said to relax and enjoy Christmas and not worry about it so I don’t think it can make too much difference. Best of luck xx

Thank you so much! Being happy and relaxed is more important I guess. xx

I suspect overindulgence will make zero difference to an FET. I think drinking on the run up to a fresh IVF cycle would, but that’s not the situation here. The embryo is frozen in time and wasn’t out there enjoying itself over Xmas. I think timing of your FET should come down to when you are ready to go through further treatment only.

Don’t worry about Xmas, everyone needs to let their hair down, and I truly believe the healthy eating and no drinking is only a marginal gain for us IVF’ers. We all know loads of friends that do neither and have healthy offspring (annoyingly).

For what it’s worth, I had my last drink 3 days before my FET in November, and am now pregnant. If I miscarry again, I will not be putting it down to drinking before my treatment started. I’ll put it down most likely to Embryo quality / genetics issues.

Hope this helps. Try to give yourself a break. We all crusify ourselves on this journey and mostly needlessly.

Good luck!

Congratulations on being pregnant, you must be so happy! And thank you so much for your words! I think I just need to chill out and stop trying to find something to worry about in all this :)

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Becca21 in reply to Mogwai_2

Congratulations on the pregnancy - sending sticky dust as well! :) I think you made an excellent point that a lot of women just have it all in spite of all the drinking and not so healthy lifestyle. So, the dependence of an IVF success on a healthy lifestyle is only but marginal... can't agree more. It's just in our mind. Yeah, during the medications it's important because alcohol as far as I've figured might react with them. A couple of week before the actual assisted fertility process starts should be enough for that. But there's no excuse to actually have a Christmas or new year celebrations without the indulgence. I'd had a failed IVF and I was on a pretty restricted so-called healthy lifestyle already. Now I'll need DE - that's what Dr suggests - so basically all the restrictions are worth no use now and in vain. :(

Hi there, it's a great news that your FET is to happen soon! It's said that a new year brings new hope and nothing can boost the positivity for a new beginning. :D If you've been on a healthy lifestyle all the while I don't think the little indulgence over the Christmas - New Year period will affect anything as such. You're already back on the resolution of a healthy diet and no alcohol which shall get you back to the most healthy state just in time for the FET. However, make sure you add a little bit of fitness activity in your daily routine if you do not have that already - that really helps. Hmm though I don't have a baby yet but still if you want to consider some add-on advice from my side a spoonful of royal jelly improves the conditions for gestation. Also, you may opt for some relaxing acupuncture as well, there are special ones for pregnancy - they claim to boost pregnancy (which wasn't any good for me) not sure if it's really effective that way but its extremely rejuvenating one - relieving you off stress, both physical and emotional. There's the option of some of the excellent videos as well to prepare you for the FET easily available online - Dr Elena Mozgovaya's videos on embryo transfer are pretty good among them - google if you may. Hope the information be of some help. Wish you all the luck in the world for success with the IVF. :) XOXO

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AllyBally000 in reply to Becca21

Hi Becca,

Thank you for your recommendations I will have a look into them, I have thought about having acupuncture as I had it years ago and found it very relaxing. I have to admit all the comments on here have really made me relax there are so many woman who have been through it all and it's really great to hear their feedback. I'm a worrier by nature so it's quite a hard task for me to chill out. My FET is due towards the end of this month all going well as it will a natural transfer.

Many thanks again,

A xx

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Becca21 in reply to AllyBally000

You're welcome! Acupuncture does help to relax for sure - much needed to unwind the stress of the what ifs and the whole physically straining FET. I had this special reproductive one (as in they boost fertility) but it wasn't any help other than the relaxed feeling. However, make sure to mention them that you had a FET there are certain areas that they avoid during 2ww and pregnancy. We all are here to make a fertility road a little more bearable. Sending love and baby dust for you! :)

I have had a fresh cycle and two FET- for my fresh and first FET I didn’t drink, ate well, went to acupuncture, took every vitamin you could imagine and both resulted in BFN.

My second FET I relaxed a bit, I needed to have a break, ate well but didn’t stop myself from having a treat (everyday!) and I had a weekend away with a friend were I drank and then the day I got home got my surge so started injecting for my natural FET (I have high NK cells so was starting my steroids and blood thinner etc) - that FET resulted in my little girl who is nearly 10 months old.

While I know you can’t be drinking every night and eating fast food but I think you need to allow your body to relax. I was so uptight with my first two rounds maybe that’s why they didn’t work or contributed? I don’t know.....I think aslong as you are eating sensibly and not drinking while going through treatment I would go for it, I honestly can’t see it making much of a difference.

Good luck xx

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AllyBally000 in reply to lianm8

Hi there,

Your post has made me so happy! Congratulations on your little girl. It just goes to show how much of it is all out of our control. Obviously we need to be healthy but the fate of what will happen is really to up to us.

Thank you, you give me hope!

A xx

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lianm8 in reply to AllyBally000

Glad it has given you hope ☺️

Wishing you all the luck in the world xx

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