Halloween Misery

Firstly don't get me wrong I usually love halloween and have bought decorations and sweets etc but my friend had a baby the same time I was due and by weird coincidence has posted a photo of her beautiful baby girl in the outfit I saw whilst shopping that I would have bought our baby had things turned out differently. And although I've opened the door to a range of children tonight the cutest little boy ever just came to my door dressed as dracula and my voice caught in my throat and all I wanted to do was cry.

Will I ever get the chance to take my children trick or treating?! 😒

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  • It's so hard isn't it. That's how ive felt recently. I want to make pumpkins to my own wee one and get them dressed up for halloween xx

  • I get how you feel, I have had 2 friends announce pregnancies this last 2 weeks it just never stops πŸ˜’ I am trying hard to focus on what's next for us and hoping one day it will be our turn xx

  • Yeah same. Sometimes it's just so hard. It's exhausting sometimes having to keep up appearances because really other peple move on a lot quicker than we can x

  • Totally get it...I am the same...also my neighbour one side has a new a new baby, he so cute...and other side had baby girl 3 weeks ago...I have managed to avoid until 2 days ago and then had to go Ahhh how Beautiful(She is) and I have watched them marry, then within months fall pregnant, everything seems wonderful in there world...And breathe......Don't give up hope...I try not to...loads of love xxxx

  • I completely understand how you are feeling. A lot of my friends have had children or expecting. Some just need to look at their husbands or partners and they are pregnant. We need a team of people in a lab dictating for us. It's so hard sometimes. I believe that we will eventually get our babies and I believe we will love and appreciate them just that little bit more. Wishing you all the best my love. Xx

  • I understand-went to IKEA Saturday and every 2nd woman in there was pregnant or holding a baby!! It hurts! Even more so at specific times like you have mentioned ! Sending big hugs & hoping u get your BFP one day soon x

  • Hi MrsTM13. I would like to think that you will be able to go "trick or treating" with your own child(ren) eventually. Just sad that some of you suffer heartache along the way. Hopefully you can continue, once able to, following your abandoned cycle. Thinking of you. Diane

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