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2ww bleed

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Hi ladies, so I had a bleed today 😒 not a huge amount, and it's in and off very light, but I'm just deverstated. I was sent home from work, and the thought of going in tomorrow is just so exhausting. I'm a teacher, and there is just nowhere to hide away when you're teaching drama to a gang of 15 year olds. Not sure if I should phone the clinic or wait until test day on Friday 😫 Sorry I'm just so confused xx

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Hi sorry to hear this. Try not to panic as spotting is normal. It happened to me last time and I got a Positive.

Try and rest and I wouldn't go back world teaching must be stressful.

how many days post transfer are you?? Could it be implanting, my spotting was quite late but my clinic said it could be implantation bleed.

Stay positive and try not to worry.

Call your clinic for advice. Good luck for Friday xxx

Aleelilook in reply to Missy_22

Thank you Lovely, I'm 8dpt, so I just presumed it was too late for implantation? I'll definitely put my feet up, and will sod work tomorrow! This is so stressful xxx

Missy_22 in reply to Aleelilook

Yes good attitude sod work!! Try and relax xxxx ❀️

It's so hard isn't it. I'm a teacher too teach 5 year olds so they do keep my spirits up but it was horrible last week not sure how much I'd be bleeding the next time I went to the toilet. Fingers crossed it def could be spotting xx

Hope you are ok Hun.

I'm a secondary school teacher too and a HOY I'm quite a difficult school but I am putting myself so first. Just started injections today but I am off this week (have a 2 week half term).

School will survive without you. Take all the time you need. I will be xxx

Aleelilook in reply to allieb21

Thank you, it's so good to hear from other teachers, I'm HoD and have a trainee at the mo, and feel I'm not doing anything right! Some of them truly believe that your priority should be school at all times, I missed parents eve as I had EC and they told me I would cause them problems, and that it was not helpful!! Anyway good luck with the injections, and enjoy half term xx

allieb21 in reply to Aleelilook

That's disgusting They said that. Did you speak to your union?

Slt who know have been great with me even if we have a lot of issues at school. Honestly at the end of the day this is your shot so you come first.

That's what I am doing. Me first, work second! Xx

Hi Hun, try not to worry too much, I also had bleeding last year 2 days before my test day and still got a positive. I hope everything is well, rest up and don't worry about work, it will still be there when you feel up to going back xx

I had implantation bleeding around day 7 and 8 when I got my BFP. Good luck. x

Hey Hun. As everyone has said, please try and stay calm because this whole process with work must be extremely stressful. As already advised, this procedure is an important part of your life and you have been through so much to get to this point so work is a secondary matter. (Excuse the pun lol). Please take care of yourself and make sure you have got the all clear and put your mind at rest before going back to work. Wishing you all the best xx

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