Hey folks another wee update. I have the hospital on Monday again for another scan and bloods everything is looking good. I got a scan on Friday there and my follicles are still small but a was only day 4 now i'm day 6 so hopefully they have grew and going the way they want them too. I don't think I will be long to go in and get the procedure done hope not!! how is everyone getting on?x Lindsay x

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  • My follicles weren't growing. They up'd up injection doses and I carried a hot water bottle around and on next appointment/scan I was fit to burst. Best of luck tomorrow. Be thinking of you xxxx

  • Thanks alot Leah I hope mie have grew a good amount hehe. they were looking good on Friday so fingers crossed everything goes well tomorrow. how far on are you? xx

  • If they aren't please don't worry. Hot water bottle and eggs worked like magic with me. I was so uncomfortable towards the end before ec. I have a miscarriage after 1st fresh cycle, I've got FET tomorrow. Only one egg frozen so praying it will work. Trying to be positive, womb lining is lovely and thick and frostie is a 5day blastocyst so all going for me. This your first cycle? Sending you lots of luck lovely xxxxx

  • Aww so sorry to hear that hope your ok and everything works out for you this time. I have my hot water bottle ready hehe..Yes this is my 1st cycle I hope it all works out for us. where are you based? Good Luck tomorrow, keep me updated xx

  • I live in South Wales. Half hour from Cardiff. What about you? Aww that's exciting for you. What medication have you been taking? How are you finding it all? Yes I'll keep you up dated. I'm due to go in tomorrow morning so not long now. Only advice I would give is relax. Think it will work because I didn't last time around and struggled with it all. Looking at if from a completely different angle now xxxx

  • I'm in Scotland love. Oh i will be relaxing and taking my time not going to be doing alot of heavy work and that just light duties..i go in tomorrow for another another scan and blood test so i will let you know how i get on. i'm on metformin rablets and menopur injections in the morning and cetrotide injection in the evening xx

  • I only had the menopur injections. Had to double the dose. My egg transfer is at 10.30 so just sat in hospital waiting now. Thinking of you, let me know if them lovely follicles are growing xxx

  • Hey Leah my follicles are growing great i've to go back on wednesday for another scan and hopefully start on friday xx

  • That's great news. So pleased for you. Best of luck going forward for you xxxx

  • Thanks so much. how did you get on?xx

  • Egg is in now. Just a waiting game 😣 xxxx

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