Should we postpone to get benefit of CoQ10 supplements?

Hi all, we're starting our second and final round of IVF in 2 weeks and so I've started taking my pre-pregnancy vitamins and also DHA and CoQ10 again. However I read last night in 'it starts with the egg' that to get the benefit of the coq10 to improve egg quality it can take up to 4 months. So now I don't know whether we should postpone IVF until the new year when I will have been taking it for a couple of months or continue as planned with our treatment this month. Obviously we want to give ourselves the best chance of success but I don't know how much impact the supplements have and I've mentally prepared myself for this round. What do you think is best? Xxx

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  • If you're only doing 1 more shot you probably want to give it the best shot possiblexx

  • Sorry sent too early. If it was me I'd probably wait to give them best chance of working xx

  • Hey, what a tough decision you have there! I started my DHEA pretty much straight after our failed round, wasn't sure if I'd have enough time but our second NHS cycle took a while to come round. I don't know what I would have done in your situation as I wanted to get back on the horse asap so postponing is hard to think about. However, as with you I'm doing probably my last cycle with my own eggs and I'm glad I have had the chance to try everything to improve it....I think I probably would have postponed to give it the best chance of helping... if it helps of course. I read that 3 months is around the time needed. Good luck with what you decide!xx

  • Thanks Cinderella5 I'm taking zita west DHA omega oils supplement not DHEA the hormone supplement as I've only just heard about the latter. My clinic hasn't recommended that I take anything other than the usual pre-pregnancy vitamins, but I'm going off-piste a bit trying the DHA and CoQ10 as well. Seems crazy that the clinics don't all advise the same things! In my head I want to crack on with the IVF this month, I feel like I just don't want to wait anymore but equally I don't want to have a failed cycle and wonder what if. I'm very confused what to do for the best xx

  • Yes I'm kind of doing my own thing too, but the clinic said it was worth a shot as some emerging research has shown it can help with egg yield so thought I should give it a go. The only other thing they did recommend was aspirin and a tweak to my drugs. Good luck with it all, the waiting around is a nightmare!! I start my drugs on 9th November so not long to go!!xx

  • Best of luck!! I'm due to start my stims on 9th Nov too! πŸ€πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌXx

  • I've been been taking coq 10 300 mg for the last four months since reading it starts with the egg it's seems to be very beneficial it's hard to say but I do think that my hormones have re balanced very recently as i have noticed a change, ive also been doing acupuncture once every there weeks and been taking pre conception vitimins and reviewed diet for the last four months so I'm sure it's all a combination of the above that is making a difference, I was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve so I figure I need to give my body the best chance, i know youll be super desperate to get started on ivf but really we all know how quickly three months goes even if it's feels like forever away now xxx

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