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I feel so genuinely blessed to say that we had our 12 week scan yesterday, and everything is on track.

It's been one big physical, and emotional rollercoaster getting to this point although I know we're not out of the woods yet, but I just wanted to say to everyone as awful as the moment feels when the end result is realised it really is all worth it.

Staying mentally positive has been one of the most difficult for me, convincing myself at various stages that 'it isn't', 'I can't', 'it won't', but we do this to protect ourselves. I almost feel like I can breath out, and maybe start to enjoy this wonderful process.

I wish everyone the very best of luck with your journey


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  • So happy to read this πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I know it seems like a long time off but it flies before you know it they're due! Xx

  • It does seem like an age away, but now we can start telling people, and actually planning I am sure that the time will fly by. Hopefully by the end of April/early May we'll have him/her here! x

  • 😊😊😊😊 congratulations. Enjoy! X

  • Lovely news. Congratulations xxx

  • That's lovely news, such a milestone! Make sure you celebrate xx

  • We celebrated last night with a lovely meal out.... off to tell my mum this afternoon...I've put a scan picture in a frame and wrapped it up. Telling her its a late birthday present I've been making for her :-) :-) x

  • Great, well deserved after everything x

  • Fantastic news! Congratulations...makes everything seem possible xx

  • Great news. Congratulations x

  • Hi! I'm so happy for you, hun! Congrats :)

    Will share my experience. I couldn't believe from the beginning of our path that it would be so draining! We had our testing done and results came out my dh was absolutely ok, the problem in me. They told just luteal phase defect. So I cannot say I worried much about the things. Thousands of women have this issue and get pregnant. And the procedure seems not so complicated - my body needs adding some progesterone only. So we kept quite positive searching the place to go on with. (We decided to pass the treatment abroad). After visiting we had our free consultation in London.

    Everything changed after the step. In Ukrainian clinic we got more results and were given less than 10% of conceiving with OE. OE's quality turned out to be very very low :( I couldn't believe my ears and it seemed all my comfortable feeling just vanished. After some break we decided to move onto donor eggs and conceived after the 2nd shot.

    Finally I'll say we should be prepared for all possible things dealing with the process. And keeping positive sometimes plays a trick on us and we feel all the bitterness. But one thing is definitely for sure - the result is worth going through all this.

    May God bless you and every lady on this path X

  • Thanks for sharing your story Mel. There are so many hurdles along the way aren't there? and everyone's journey is individual. When you have your positive, you think "that's it!, it's all okay...." and then you realise that the worrying continues in a different way, and you seem to hang on to your next scan appointment. I wish we could have a home scanning machine, so that we could check that everything is okay. Perhaps this is just the beginning of worrying in motherhood?!

    My heart goes out to you, and everyone going through any type of assisted fertility treatment. I know that no matter what I have experienced that there are so many women less fortunate, and even if things don't work out for me (Heaven forbid), I am grateful for having got this far.


  • I wish there were more such optimistic, cheerful, positive, and you know "fertility dusty" postings here. a journey through infertility is a tough testing for any of us but when we encounter more posts like this here, we realize that there's light in the end of the tonnel and all our efforts will be remunerated well

    good luck to everyone trying

    and to the OP - thank you for posting and just enjoy your pregnancy X

  • We wish you the very best in your continued journey.. thank you for sharing

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